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When it comes to style there are many ways to be intentional. Having a willingness to play and experiment with fashion and decor is great, but knowing what classics I adore regardless of the season helps me make confident decisions and curate a signature look.

With my brand, Jess LC, my focus and direction paired with trends made the line feel cohesive and ultimately successful. But even after the shop closes in two weeks, I will still keep that designer mentality in my life and career.

The photo above does a great job showcasing what my style is all about. It even looks a bit like it could be an inspiration board for this actual blog design. Which again, was intentional. I wanted my blog to feel like me, and by incorporating styles and colors that I return to time and again I present myself authentically in both content and design.

My favorite way to blend significance and uniqueness into my personal style is with my charm necklace.

The middle pendant has my maiden name initials and is by Allison Slingluff, a designer friend. The “C” once belonged to my late Grandma whose first name was Carole. And the little pup is a new charm Mr. Lively bought me on our honeymoon in Paris, which represents our soon-to-be puppy.

Wearing this necklace, almost everyday, is a special way to connect me to pieces of my family and past. I also love that it’s something that has a story behind it.

Plus, the great part is that though my necklace is 100% unique to me, anyone can create a their own personal charm necklace with meaningful items from their own life and travels.


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  1. Valerie

    I love it! I too have a charm necklace I wear a lot with a locket I had as a child that still has pictures of my sisters in it, a cross given to me by the grandma I was named after, and my birthstone from a pendant my mom gave me 🙂
    I agree that jewelry that means something is much more special!

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