TLS #164: Simple + Difficult, Easy + Complicated

2016-09-01 Tall

Today’s show is all about the difference in lifestyle I’ve noticed between the new format of my life and travels, compared to how things were when I was living in my home in “life as usual” before this trip.

For me, life now is simpler and more difficult, and before I left it was easier and more complicated. In the episode, I’m sharing what the difference between each way of life are, which version I prefer, and what you can do to infuse more of the elements that resonate with you in your life – whether you are traveling much or not at all.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a thought provoking reflection on how our lifestyle choices please and challenge us to grow in meaningful ways.









  • How I made certain shifts in my life and how they made my life extremely simple.

  • How thinking and using language when you are emerged in different cultures and regions can be difficult at times.

  • How adjusting to the “normal” in a new place or city can be difficult.

  • Why simple tasks like making phone calls is more difficult while traveling and the solution I found.

  • How having less clothes simplifies my choices and day-to-day needs.

  • Why I prefer the simpler and more difficult path and how that leads to more time doing things that are important to me.

  • How I have been going with the Flow and taking the adventures that follow while living in the present moment.

  • How the idea of owning more stuff now goes against my idea of living simpler.

  • Why I am only choosing to invest in relationships that bring me higher.

  • Why I’m limiting the amount and consumption of media in my life.

  • Why cultivating the travel mindset and exploring new cultures is so important to me.

  • How simplifying gives you more time to reflect in your work about what’s most important to you, including the deeper and difficult work.

  • Why planning less and flowing more may be the right way to handle life.




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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


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  1. Marie

    I loved listening to this episode. As an American who now lives in Italy, so much of this episode resonated with me. I also am in the middle of reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and have begun to implement the KonMari method and I love it. I love the idea of surrounding yourself with things/people/experiences that bring you joy and light (as you put it!). Enjoy being back in Europe!
    xo, Marie

  2. Lorena

    Very nice, I enjoy listening the episode. I am going to check out your sponsor, it sounds great. Have a great time in Dublin and London.

    I have two comments, many countries in Europe are not so spontaneous, they are better planners than Americans such as Germans, Dutch etc. Also working in cafes is very American and we have exported it around the world, cafes in Europe traditionally are to relax and meet friends, in many cities now people meet to work, but they are copying the American Starbucks and BN way.

  3. Erin O'Donnell

    I just read “if you need to buy stuff in which to store your stuff, you may have too much stuff!” I love your outlook on how American it is to want more. Complication seems like something we value, and to live simply isn’t. All these ppl are freaking out about the new Container Store in MI. But your ideas resonated much more with me. I can’t wait to clear out and simplify.

  4. Shiying

    ]I just started listening to your podcast. And I am sitting in the exact Juiceland you were talking about in the podcast. How serendipitous!

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