six decor and organizing ideas

Since I just did my big exfoliation a few weeks ago, I thought it might be good to share ways to decorate and organize using items that might already be sitting around.

These little touches around my apartment make me smile each time I see them.


*Tip 5 came from Nate Berkus, but obviously might not be good around small children.



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  1. Laura

    Love Love Love the idea of framing coasters from traveling. I am thinking coasters and postcards from travels around the world could make a great focus wall (and a cheap souvenir collection).

  2. Lisa

    Love these ideas! And Laura — great idea about the coasters/postcards!

  3. Laura, We always get a postcard(s) from our trips and write some highlights of the trip on the back. I love going back through and reading them. Just wanted to share! 🙂

  4. I love the ideas, especialy framing coasters and postcards, I would be trying that out soon. Framing a thermal blanket…that is interesting. I would love to hear more about it. Great Ideas…and functional too.

  5. Julie

    I have those same measuring spoons (the blue ones). Those bowls are gorgeous, and I love idea #5.

  6. ashley

    love these ideas! where are those gold polka dot bowls from?? love!


  7. Sydney

    great ideas! Your new camera is proving to be an excellent tool, your photos look great!

  8. Jess

    I love the idea of a postcard with the highlights on the trip too! Thanks for sharing, Laura!

    AdeOla, the thermal blanket is given out at the end of most marathons and I think it’s fun to use it as a backdrop for a medal. I picked a part of the blanket that showed the city the race was ran in – San Fran.

    Ashley, the bowls were vintage found at a flea market last summer!

    Sydney, thanks so much! It’s been fun to learn – though a lot of editing makes them even better!

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