small business advice: defining your social media voice

Today we have a great guest post by Rebecca of Loving.Living.Small and her newest super-cool venture, Sweetline Agency. Since I know there are quite a few dream followers and small business owners in the MML community, I think Rebecca’s post about social media voice is super important for long-term success and to for making the biggest impact.


Defining Your Social Media Voice

Hi there, it’s Rebecca from Sweetline Agency and I am so thrilled to be contributing a guest post to Makeunder My Life’s small business series. I truly love and relate to the message of Jess’s amazing blog – living a life with intention – yes! I live my own life embracing this idea of being true to yourself  as I experience life adventures, in particular with my career journey. I feel that my topic today – defining your social media voice – relates completely to the Makeunder My Life vibe. Keep it real!

As I just mentioned, today I am chatting about small business owners + defining one’s social media online voice. As a small business owner, getting your company and brand up and running takes time, is equally challenging as it is rewarding and finding time in a day is sometimes hard. As you tackle your daily to-do list, consider adding one thing that is always at the top – provide service to your own brand.  One of my main messages for Sweetline is that you are your biggest client and taking time to curate + define your own brand is important. Your website is your professional voice and your social media communities are your personality, a peek behind the curtain of who you are and what your company stands for. One of the best ways to do this – social media.

The social media wave is still going strong and the neat thing about it is that you can jump in anytime to begin building your community. A great first step is to define your online voice. What does this really mean? Well, it’s basically deciding the tone of your communities – your blog, your twitter, your facebook fan page. What type of blogger do you want to be – maybe a curator of ideas, a creator of new content, a news collector, a mood board, etc? Another tip – keep it real. Always. Social media communities are connections + relationships and being authentic and sincere goes a long way. A third thought – know your audience.

Here’s a story – I recently went to Sonoma for a weekend of wine tasting + bike riding + good food. (um, doing all of these things at once is not a great idea, fyi!) and I discovered a neat olive oil company, The Olive Press. When I got home, I checked out the company online and clicked on their blog to find impressive + interesting reads. They decided to blog about olive oil from a cultural standpoint offering amazing recipes, health benefits, cool events they were part of, wine country, wines they love, etc.  I would say that they defined their voice 100% – they are embracing the curator of ideas tone, their vibe is super authentic even when they talk about awards they win (it’s as if they are sharing with their family good news) and they writing to their audience of wine lovers. Yes across the board!

Ok, small business owners, get out there, blog your heart out and tweet your style. Make time everyday to share who you are and what your brand is about with you’re your communities – they’ll love you for it! Check out more ideas about your online voice in my post – 12 Tips for Defining Your Online Voice – over on the Sweetline blog.

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  1. Piper

    Thanks for this information Rebecca – I love that you shared a company who’s on the ball as far as branding and social media. Nice to have an example! I LOVE that you talked about keeping it real, such a great way to approach anything!

  2. Lori

    Thanks for this post! It was very informative and I enjoyed the real-life example too. I’m going to check out her other articles, as I know this is important to identify.

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks ladies! Aside from having a great blog, their olive oil is insane 🙂

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