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Good morning! In last week’s Blog Out Loud interview Rebecca reminded me about the Small Business series I started months ago. Since I haven’t done much with the series lately, I think now is a great time to collect some new questions to answer in the weeks to come.

So tell me, do you have any business questions I can answer?

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  1. Magchunk

    Oh, I love this series. You may know about this or not… trademarking. The process seems complicated. Have you done this? Is it necessary? Is there a simple guide to it (NOT the gov site? LOL)


  2. diana

    hey jess,

    love the blog! It’s been a great tool as a fellow entrepreneur!
    Ok, so today I have a bit of a specific question to ask. I am a jewelry designer and my company has just ‘completed’ the following steps:

    1. selling to friends, friends-of-friends, and other ‘fans’ online (
    2. selling to local stores (5 and counting…)
    3. created a website (under construction)
    4. just became an LLC
    5. beginning to make contacts within the ”fashion/design” world for runway, photography and collaboration opportunities

    What do you suggest as the ”next step” in order to continue company growth? (All listed below are goals/ideas, but I was curious to know if you had suggestions of how to prioritize, since you’ve ”been there done that” ūüôā )

    – expand/develop an online store/website (outside of
    – continue getting into more stores (contact larger stores, ”chain” stores, dept stores, stores in other states, etc)
    – invest in advertising
    – hire a sales rep
    – ???

    thanks so much and keep up the great work,

  3. Eva

    Hi Jess, This is a blogging question, how did you become so diligent in your blogging, do you have a set schedule you follow?

  4. pve

    As an artist and a small business owner, there is nothing better than being your own boss. That said, being my own boss requires discipline, a schedule and chipping away at this thing I love which does not feel like work. It is important to do what you love… Taking breaks are important and time off.

  5. Jess

    @ Magchunk, Diana, and Eva: Thanks for the questions! I will get to them later this week (hmm, tomorrow perhaps?).

    @ PVE: I couldn’t agree more, Patricia. Especially the breaks and time off.

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