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bathroomsinkHere is a quick tip for those who are also square-foot challenged. I have less than 6″ of usable space on my bathroom sink with negative space for a vanity in the rest of the apartment. Rather than suffer each morning while applying makeup, I turned a patterned drawer organizer into a mini vanity. All my makeup is stored by category (which makes the Perfectionist in me smile) and it balances on the counter giving me extra surface area.

Voila! Problem solved with $6, a quick trip to TJ Maxx, and a little creativity.


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  1. Amanda

    Love your paisley little printed wonder-of-organization! I wish they had one in the store near me!

  2. Jess

    @ Amanda: Hmm… I would check around. Any off-price home goods store might have similar styles. Or maybe the container store? Though I am not sure they would have patterned styles.

    @ PVE: Thanks!

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