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The weekend in Ann Arbor was great. We scored the most amazing $37 mirror ever and a mountain of my favorite Afternoon Delight bran muffins – which will be devoured one half at a time over the next few months.

I also have exactly 19 mosquito bites on my left foot, which makes me fond of staying indoors until the bites subside. I fear my swollen foot might freak out unsuspecting strangers with active imaginations.

Since there is much to do now that we’re back home, staying inside will not be a problem. There are work projects to complete, decorating updates to make, and Business in the City on Wednesday.


PS – If you are curious about what a ‘regular’ workday looks like for me, hop on over to my new friend Jessica’s site, So How Was Your Day? I detail a day that included client sessions, my favorite summer TV show, an inordinate amount of cheese, and three tips for setting your mind in the morning.

So How Was Your Day?


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  1. Ashley Laabs

    Man. I was in Chicago last weekend, and you were nearby in Ann Arbor this weekend. It would make my day to meet THE Jess Lively one of these days 😉

    1. Well, by all means! I hope you can make it to a workshop or Biz in the City sometime. : )

  2. erinmadore

    Saturday was one of the best days, possibly ever… lunch and wine tasting at my favorite local vineyard with my love and my Gramma, then a crazy party night (which is rare) with some of my very best friends. Just perfect.

  3. I’m also covered in mosquito bites and slowly going INSANE trying not to stratch them. Best of luck!

    1. I feel you! I don’t have bug bite cooling gel or anything, personally. But I’ve found aloe vera (which I stash in the fridge) is doing a good job cooling them off!

  4. Jessica K

    Pick up a stick of After Bite from your local drugstore. The stuff works wonders and those pesky bites will disappear before your eyes. Bonus it’s under $5!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! I am going to see if Mr. Lively can pick some up for me on his way home. : ) I have never heard of it before but I’m totally hoping it helps!

      1. Jessica K

        Good luck! It saved my legs after being attacked during a weekend in the mountains, just in time for a friend’s spring wedding.

    1. Thanks, Dervla! I am doing my best! So far I haven’t been itching them, but I needed to drop my morning run (with shoes and socks that itched them) in favor of lifting weights in flip flops.

  5. Nice! And thanks for the bite thoughts. I am hoping the go away soon with Jessica’s recommended After Bite.

  6. Nora

    i really enjoyed learning about your work day. thanks for sharing!

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