social media and business mp3

First, I’d like to quickly remind everyone of a few exciting things going on this week on MML – remember the 100 Kisses, 100 Ambassadors giveaway closes tomorrow and the DIY DYL interview links are due by Thursday.

Social Media and Business MP3

Okay, moving onto to today’s business – literally. Last week I was asked by the Women’s Leadership Exchange and American Express OPEN to speak with Christine Dyer about social media for small business. They’ve turned our 35 minute conversation into an mp3 which you can listen to via this link.

I loved speaking on this panel with Christine because of our different yet related social media strategies. She is busy balancing her job at American Express OPEN and growing Her offering is also service related – valuable wedding industry information. Meanwhile I have a personality and product based social media approach and spend as much time as possible delegating other business activities so I can be in social media as much as possible. If you fall in either of these camps, there may be something to learn from the mp3. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I’m looking forward to listening to it this evening! Hopefully I can listen via my phone on the train tonight, but if not I’ll be listening after dinner! I always love learning more about this subject.

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