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Good morning! As you can imagine, Susie and I are busy filling last minute Christmas orders here in the studio for Jess LC. If you are still thinking about ordering gifts to be delivered before December 25th, please order today and ship via FedEx ($10). USPS while free, is no longer guaranteeing their first-class packages to arrive by Christmas Day.

Last Minute Gift Idea: Online Gift Certificates

Or, if you wait a few days and still want to snag a last minute gift, feel free to order our new online gift certificates! We can send you a cute image like the one above for your recipient all the way up to December 23rd. The gift certificate is a custom discount code that will be made especially for your gift.

Social Media, Meet Jess LC

In other news, I’m excited to announce that you can now tweet and like all of our products on So feel free to spread the word about your favorite styles!

(These new features and a few more website improvements were made by a certain Mr. Lively. Thank you.)

Jess LC Bridal

And while we are on the topic of jewelry, I’d like to share these adorable photos sent to me by a recent bride and Jess LC customer, Lisa. Though the necklaces are a bit hard to see in these images, the bridesmaids looked lovely in their Armitage Two Strand Three Pearl Necklaces. If you are planning your own 2011 wedding and are looking for 3+ pieces of coordinating jewelry for your bridal party, please reach out to me at and I can give you a special 25% bridal party discount on your order.

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