What is Soul Food?

Soul Food is an intuitive eating course that dives deep to connect you to your Inner Voice on the topics of eating and body image! If you’re sick of trying everyone else’s diet tricks, and want to find the peace and sustainable connection of your Inner Voice around food, this is for you.

Course Overview

Round 3 of Soul Food is coming summer 2021! 

  • Week 1: mind & inner voice (learning to listen)
  • Week 2: distinguishing mental and inner voice eating
  • Week 3: reading body signals
  • Week 4: other health areas (exercise, sleep & more!)
  • Week 5: final check in/ q&a

Watch video about Soul Food >

Meet Hannah

I love helping people connect their body, mind and inner being! As an artist, I love using creative approaches to weave together different modalities and experiences for clients in the highest way I can! I have special knowledge in areas of disordered eating and past lives. If your inner being calls, I would love to play together!