Welcome to Soul Food 2.0!

I’m guessing if your intuition has led you here, you’re looking to gain peace, love, and connection to your body, eating, and/or exercise. You’re in the perfect place, as always!

Soul Food 2.0 is a 10-week embodied course where we learn to connect to our own inner voices around the topics of body image, food, exercise, and “health” in general.

On this journey together, we will learn the basics of how to connect to our inner voices, and some tools we can use when the mind wants to obsess or rebel at dinner time, at the gym, before bed… whenever your busy mind starts a-runnin’! Your own unique inner wisdom will be uncovered during this course, and you’ll have support from a group of mentors and peers along the way!

Course Format

Soul Food starts on Wednesday, Jan. 5th, and runs for 10 weeks.

We will meet every other week for a 2-hour call with me, Hannah, to deliver a lesson with tips and tools channeled from my inner voice, and then each participant will get a chance to connect to their own inner voice live. These calls take place at 3:00 PM EST. 

During the “off weeks” without group meetings, we will meet for aligned exercise with another inner voice facilitator, Natana Mann! This way you’ll have body connectivity time in between meetings—even if your guided exercise is as simple as stretching or as energetic as a run! 

Finally, Kit Yoon will be offering two inner voice cooking classes throughout the program as special treats for us to start to connect to our inner voices in the kitchen! These cooking classes will take place on Jan. 27th and Feb. 24th at 1:00 PM EST.

All these group meetings are included in the $555 price.

We’ll explore the following: 

  • Call 1: Intro to Mind and Inner Voice
  • Call 2: Distinguishing Mental and Inner Voice Eating
  • Call 3: Reading Body Signals
  • Call 4: Connecting in Other Health Areas
  • Call 5: Checking in + Closing Ceremony
  • In-Between Weeks: Aligned Exercise with Natana Mann
  • 2 Bonus Sessions: Inner Voice Cooking with Kit Yoon

1:1 Mentorship Add-On

Additionally, you have the option to add a 1:1 mentorship program with me, Hannah, in which you’ll receive a 1-hour inner voice session during each “off week.” This is 5 total hours of just your inner voice! 

Meet Hannah

Hannah Nichols is a dancer, choreographer and all-around creative who loves to combine her background of integrative healing and arts! She was led to her intuition through struggles with eating disorders for many years in adolescence, which eventually guided her to yoga, meditation, hypnosis and eventually inner voice! After spending so much time in her inner voice, Hannah started to notice her feelings around food and her body were becoming increasingly peaceful and loving…something she wasn’t sure was possible most of her life! Inspired to help others reach the same break-through, she made her specialty in inner voice helping people struggling with disease with eating, exercise and their bodies, and reground into their true peace within. She is currently living in London completing a masters in dance performance, while using inner voice to channel art through her body each day.

Meet Natana

Natana is a pilates and strength trainer and inner voice facilitator. With a background in neuroscience, she loves learning about the why’s and how’s of our brains and bodies and is passionate about bringing this information to people in an actionable, clear, motivating and fun way. She believes that movement is more than just exercise and is rather a space where some of the most powerful shifts in our minds can occur. By tapping into our inner voice and moving with our bodies, we can start to truly support ourselves in feeling good, breaking free and seeing through the external noise and “should’s” of the fitness and health world.

Meet Kit

Kit Yoon is an integrative medicine practitioner, inner voice facilitator and intuitive eating counselor. Kit’s been helping people tap into their own healing potential for over 20 years. She believes that we can feel and be our best when we give ourselves permission to living and eating with ease.