spicy cooking or cooking spices?

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Since I am still pretty new to the whole “cooking” thing I haven’t had a chance to make those blunders that experienced cooks talk about. The whole “I have burned myself several times and been impaled twice peeling potatoes” has never been an issue for me. Until this morning.
It started simply enough. I wanted to prepare a nice vegan meal for lunch. I chose my friend Vicki’s pasta recipe with wilted greens. Once the greens were finished, I moved on to boiling the water for the pasta. I had the pot filled, the burner on, and thought about jumping in the shower while the pot began to warm.

But for some strange (or miraculous) reason I checked to see how the water was doing and noticed it was not bubbling in the slightest, but there was a large stream of smoke floating behind the pot. I had turned the burner behind the pot on by accident. Needless to say, the small bowl of garlic and spice rack were well on their way to causing some serious damage. Fortunately I was able to turn off the stove and remove the burning bowl and rack to reveal a chunk of the spice rack platform burned into the stove top. So it goes.

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  1. citysage

    Oof! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve melted a kitchen implement, I’d be a rich woman indeed!

    The worst was when I FINALLY bit the bullet and bought a really nice salad spinner. We used it every night and were saving oodles of money by not buying the pre-washed greens. Then I had to go and leave the plastic lid near a hot burner and that was the end of that. We still are sort of able to use it, but it’s not really a salad ‘spinner’—more of a ‘salad slowly rotater’.

    All part of the adventure of cooking, I suppose!

    And I’m so happy to have discovered your gorgeous work through Jo at Cup of Jo—I’m dying to buy one but the trouble is: how to choose? They’re all so lovely! But mark my words: soon I will make one mine ūüôā

  2. citysage

    Okay, turned out not to be as hard as I thought—I ended up with a simple pair of gold earrings. I figured I’d start small and work up to one of your long necklaces–that way I can delay the wrath of the huz!

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