TLS #285: Spiral Dynamics & How the Consciousness of TLS Has Evolved Over the Seasons

In today’s show, I’m sharing a clip from the first hour of my coaching during Cschool where I explain a framework called Spiral Dynamics.

Spiral Dynamics is a helpful tool for exploring the evolution of consciousness as individuals and as a collective. By putting Cschool, FWIO, and the first 5 seasons of TLS all into the context of Spiral Dynamics, you will be able to see how and why the show and classes have evolved alongside my own perception of reality.

To get a basic understanding of Spiral Dynamics, I recommend listening to this podcast episode first, and then listen to today’s show.

Beyond just Cschool and TLS, the Spiral Dynamics framework is helpful for understanding ourselves and those around us in, hopefully, a more compassionate way.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to perceive this reality… it’s all about the perception we are currently most drawn to at this particular moment in time.

Let’s go to the show.






  • Jess talks about the structure of Cschool and how Spiral Dynamics is involved.

  • The spiral of consciousness plays out in the individual and the collective.

  • She tells us that the resistance comes from the mind.




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