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This sponsor post is Anne The Adventurer who is also doing a Jess LC Silver Lining Tote giveaway today. Hop over to her blog to enter to win!

Below, Anne shares why she started her blog, the intention behind it, and her advice for new bloggers.


What drew you to blogging?
After I graduated from college in 2010, I was struggling to find a job as a freelance writer, and just happened to stumble over amazing blogs like Makeunder My Life, Kendi Everyday, and Jen Loves Kev. I was so inspired by their zest for life and prowess as young female business owners. I started Anne the Adventurer immediately as a way to document my post-college life and join the blogging community. I’ve loved watching it evolve over the years; it’s an amazing gift in my life.

What is the intention behind your blog, Anne the Adventurer?
I want to build a positive community with my readers where we can inspire and challenge each other to find adventure and purpose in our daily lives. I really believe that the more we share ourselves authentically with one another and reflect on our past to live intentional futures, the more we will be able to positively affect change in the world. And adventure doesn’t have to mean climbing mountains every day, although it sure can! Times where my husband and I cook a new meal together (and try not to mess it up!), or I have a long talk with my mom – those are some of the best adventures and stories in life.

Tell us about your passion for helping women develop positive self-image and value.

For most of my life, I struggled with severe body image issues and an eating disorder. It wasn’t until I started down my own recovery journey that I realized how little I knew (and others in my support system knew) about what eating disorders are, and how serious they can be. Women are still fighting a hard battle in this world for equality and respect, but confidence and health always starts with the self. I want to do my part, whether it’s through writing, blogging or teaching, to help women find healing and a supportive community.

What post has been the most popular with readers?

A post I wrote for the non-profit Wonderfully Made called “Busting the Numbers Myth”. I started thinking about how my obsession with the scale was starting to show up in my obsession with my blogging stats and number of followers. I’d check my social media or blog numbers several times a day as a way to cope with loneliness or a need for a confidence boost, and it just became exhausting. In the article, I reflected on ways that I can do some “myth-busting” when life gets uncomfortable or when I am doubting my self-worth.

When you’re not blogging, what are you most likely doing?

Right now, my husband and I are planning out our goals for our second year of marriage! Also, I have a group of girls that I meet with weekly to hang out, talk, and share life with. They’re all so great!

Any blogging advice?

The best advice I can give is also the hardest to hear and to do, in my opinion. Write, write, and keeping writing. And then write some more. Finding your voice is really challenging, but it is also one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself and to your blog. The blog might not take off as fast as you want it to, but just keep writing and keep posting. You will discover challenges along the way, and those edges will be refined and sharpened with more writing. Also, participate in the blogging community! Be an active participant, not just a passive reader. Comment, email, tweet – get to know your favorite bloggers. It’s an amazing community to be a part of, and it will also help your blog grow!

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  1. Excited to see Anne on the blog today! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know this blogger and fully support her intentions and goals with her site – What an awesome outlook she has. GO ANNE!!

  2. Alexa Y.

    I like this post! I haven’t checked out Anne’s blog yet, but you can be sure I’m going to now 🙂

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