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Men may wonder, what is it about women and their accessories? Oh there are so many reasons for our ongoing infatuation. Just like a very bad hair day can make a beautiful woman look a beautiful wreck.

The perfect accessory is capable of doing many things.

They can make a boring outfit come to life, give a hint about where we’ve been in life or where we are going, remind us of a cherished Aunt or lost Grandmother. We use them as good luck charms, self-esteem boosters, status symbols and anchors to our past.

And in the case of perfectly crafted brightly colored ballerina flats that fit like a glove; they enable us city dwellers to run like hell for the bus we are about to miss while still looking chic.

Accessories always fit. Those same ten pounds come and go but shoes, earrings, purses and bracelets will never not zip up, regardless of the scale reading.

Yes, I am enamored of jewelry real and costume, scarves, handbags, shoes, and belts and how they make a wardrobe of same look…different. It’s funny because Chicago fashion is largely dictated by the weather, which means most of us are wearing the same types of things at the same time. My super cute maxi dress looked perfectly in place amongst the rest at this summer’s last rooftop party. And when it gets chilly, riding boots and peacoats are de riguer.

If it’s “in” then everyone and her sister is in it. Or so it feels.

There comes a point where jazzing up the old button down isn’t a style choice, it’s practically a necessity, if you want to stand out in a sea of same.

So what’s a girl to do around here to assert her stylish individualism?

Accessories! Yes that girl next to you on the bus may be wearing the same classic sheath dress as you but guaranteed she doesn’t have that silk scarf you found at the thrift store, or your favorite Aunt’s charm bracelet, full of charm and charms she has collected over a lifetime.

You and your two girlfriends may have accidently shown up for a night of imbibing all wearing a black maxi dress but it is unlikely that they also have on a vintage cuff that you lifted from your mom’s jewelry box. You and every other gal may be commuting in sensible black round toe pumps but you are the only one with adorable shoe clips that add a bit of sparkle.

So here’s to accessories and the smile they bring to our face and the individualism they help us assert.


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  1. Meghan M.

    So true!!! Wearing my favorite necklace out makes me so happy and from the response I usually get from others, it makes them smile too!! 🙂

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