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Though I’ve never done this formally, I would like to do a shout out for new MML sponsors. Over the past few months, MML has been steadily growing and I recently received an incredible email from Heidi of To Be Luminous, a current MML sponsor. Her email (below) got me thinking that advertising might also be useful for other small (and large) businesses looking to reach an audience of intentional and passionate individuals.

I’m glad my little post could help and I’m so grateful for the exposure and opportunity to grow that you and MML have given me. From your link, I have gone from 10 hits a day on my professional blog to close to 100 a day (and growing like crazy). I have received fabulous emails and interested clients from all over the US. I wrote you uncertain and nervous, but with a gut feeling that your purpose and blog is so close to mine that this would make a difference. I didn’t know it would be this fast.

– Heidi

Since I also have sponsored other blogs via Jess LC, I know how important it is for advertisers to have a chance to introduce themselves to blog readers. Which is why I invite my sponsors to do a sponsor post or interview and encourage them to participate in the DESIGN YOUR LIFE series. Not only does this help MML readers find out more about the products and services he or she offers, but it also helps inspire readers to follow their own passions.

If you’re interested in MML monthly and quarterly rates, please email me at jess@jesslc.com.

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