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Today I’d like formally introduce one of our most recent MML sponsors, Plush Studio. Erin, the mastermind behind the high quality pillow line is certainly no stranger to the interior design blog world. I myself begged asked her very nicely to make me some custom curtains for my living room earlier this summer and she was nice enough to make them – perfectly, I might add. I’m itching to share the curtains with you all, but I am still trying to keep the apartment on the (semi) down-low before it’s “official” reveal later this winter (so mysterious, right?).

Until then, I’ve decided to fulfill a little fantasy of mine. I’ve been girl-crushing big time on Sarah Richardson and honestly look at my Tivo’s recordings of Sarah’s House and Design Inc. as a significant highlight to my day. In honor of my crush, I’ve gone “shopping” on Erin’s site and come up with the pillows I’d use for Jess’ House – if I was able to renovate my own fixer-upper (while wearing wonderful blazers) with a witty sidekick and tv crew. You’ll see where I’d use each pillow on the tags above. But of course, don’t let my picks sway you, they would be great in any space.

Special MML Discount

Wait, it gets better! Erin has generously extended a discount to ALL MML customers. Simply order your pillow on her shop and then send her an email saying you came over from Jess’ House MML and want to cash in on the 10% refund. Easy as pumpkin pie.

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  1. Sarah

    Sarah Richardson is the best! I’m always re-watching her shows on HGTV.com.
    The pillows are great.

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