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Good afternoon! Today I’d like to introduce you all to one of MML’s awesome sponsors, Violet Revolution. This fashion-based website has a focus on all things Chicago. As we all know, there is plenty of content online that caters to the NYC/LA markets. But Chicago has been in need of a site with a strong editorial viewpoint and a deep knowledge of the shopping events happening around town. So if you live in Chicago, just want to stay “in the loop” about whats happening in our fashion industry, hop on over to Violet Revolution. To explain in more detail, I’ve interviewed Nancy, the founder of of Violet Revolution, about how she got started as well as what we need to know about fashion for the holidays.


How did you get inspired to start Violet Revolution?

I have always loved fashion and definitely LOVED shopping all my life.  During college and beyond, I became more familiar with the Chicago boutiques and local fashion scene here; but realized many people, whether they are local or elsewhere, aren’t as aware.  I also feel there are many women out there that need style advice.  Many women don’t know how or don’t have the time to put outfits together and want a go-to source for that information.  So I combined the two ideas and started Violet Revolution to share my style tips and advice with women with a local focus.  That way women can get style and beauty advice, plus find out where they can shop in person or online at the same time.

What kind of fashion advice do you have for the holidays?

  1. Try out a new look.  Maybe it’s just incorporating some shimmery metallic eyeshadow (one of my favorites right now is the Golden Crown Tartan pattern eyeshadow from MAC), or wearing a sparkly earring or blouse.  The holidays are supposed to be a fun and joyous time, so why not have fun with your look?
  2. When you know you’re going to be eating (and perhaps drinking) a lot at a party or with family; choose an outfit that will allow you to breathe and still look flattering when you’ve indulged a bit too much.  A-line dresses or tops that aren’t clingy around the mid-section are both good options.  Also, choose darker colors or prints to conceal mishaps.  There’s nothing worse than walking around a holiday party with red wine streaked down your white blouse.
  3. Use the holidays as an excuse to dress up, even if you are only going to a relative’s.  Obviously showing up in a ball gown to a house party is a bit much, but don’t be afraid to wear a velvet jacket or dressier accessories.  How often do we get to dress up these days?  It can be fun, and makes your evening even more special when you feel special.

What do you love most about the Chicago fashion scene?

I love that we have one, period.  Think about if you lived in most other major cities, or even a small town, and love fashion.  There aren’t as many (if any) opportunities for shopping, fashion shows, or even education and careers centered in fashion.   I also love that, aside from fashion week here, there are many fashion shows and shopping events that take place all over the city nearly every week; whether they’re in a boutique, restaurant, or some other type of venue.  The tough part can be finding out when they are, but that’s why we post weekly sales and events on Fridays!

What trends are you most excited about for Spring/2011?

I’m pretty excited for all the new floral patterns for spring.  Sometimes floral patterns can be a little “old lady” looking at times, but I’ve seen a lot of fresh, modern floral styles shown from the shows.  In contrast to that, I’m also looking forward to the edgy, biker-inspired looks too — from short sleeve motorcycle jackets to shorts and tops embellished with hardware to metallic sheen pants.  I might try to mix the two together too — we’ll see when it gets a little warmer.  Even though it’s starting to get colder, I’m not quite ready to put my winter gear away just yet!  (Maybe in another week.)  : )

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