sponsor post: interview with niki of single bubble pop

This afternoon we have a sponsor interview with Niki the adorable blogger behind SingleBubblePop. She’s here to talk about her blog, passion, and purpose for 2010.


Tell Us a Little About Yourself.

My name is Niki McNeill and I am the voice behind SingleBubblePop! I’m a Carolina born and bred petite lady who loves art and design.
During my entire undergraduate career at UNC Chapel Hill, I struggled through Pre-Med courses. Because I was great at science and a leader in high school, I had been convinced that a career in medicine was the best route for me. After taking the MCAT (and bombing it!) just before my senior year, I realized that if I didn’t stop then, I would continue this cycle of hard work and disappointment for the rest of my life. Not to say I would fail as a doctor, but I would never be truly happy with myself if I did not make a living doing what I do best! By the time I graduated, I had a plan to refocus on a career in art & design, but none of the details laid out. I spent the next two years studying Interior Design at Meredith College and Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. Now, I’m living in Atlanta, working toward my dream of being a self-employed designer and artist.

How did Single Bubble Pop get it’s name?

When I started SingleBubblePop in 2007, my life was going through major changes. I’d just graduated from a huge university, moved back in with my parents in my small hometown and started a completed different course of study at a school that couldn’t be more opposite from the one I graduated from. The name SingleBubblePop actually was born out of a new found meditation practice. In learning how to meditate, I found that many teachers of this spiritual practice encourage focusing on one serene object or scene to help clear your mind. For me, this was the image of a single bubble, and as I stilled my mind I aimed to make it so quiet that I could hear a single bubble pop. It was appropriate name for the blog because when it began, it was literally just a place for me to make a mental dump of all the chatter going on in my brain at such a pivotal time.

Was there a certain inspiration that sparked your blog?

Blogging for me started as a way that I could keep track of all the new, exciting ideas I was finding on the web and to connect with others at a time when I felt so isolated. It later became a way for me to continually stretch my designer muscles and challenge my artistic mind to constantly seek inspiration. I believe that artistry and design is just like any sport or skill; practice makes perfect! I have continued to blog for over 2 years because I was so moved by the ability to connect with people in an original and completely genuine way. Now, the objective of SingleBubblePop is to provide inspiration and encouragement for others seeking a career in art and design.

What intentions do you have for Single Bubble Pop in 2010?

One of my goals for 2010 is to bring 1000 subscribers to SingleBubblePop. It’s a BIG goal being that we’re just above 200 now, but why not aim high? I really want SBP to become a place where creatives can come on a daily basis and be satisfied with “artfully designed” inspiration. I continue to push myself to create more original content that makes SBP readers want to create more, be more and just live a purposeful life. I’m constantly motivated and encouraged by blogs like Makeunder My Life, FlyGirls, AphroChic and Elements of Style and I hope that SingleBubblePop can inspire others in the way that these blogs speak to me!

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  1. Niki

    Thank you so much for interviewing me Jess! I love the mission of your blog and I’m glad I can sponsor it! xoxo

  2. Tonia

    Thanks so much for having Niki, I just recently starting following her blog and I love it. Great interview.

  3. sTeW

    I always knew Niki was gonna hit the big time sooner or later. Ever since we were little kids I remember saying “One day that little girl is going to be HUGE”. She just might be the next big thing. Keep an eye out.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure meeting Niki and she is just as wonderful in person as she is in blogland! I always wondered about the name “single bubble pop” and the meaning behind it (if any), so this was really a great interview. I’m glad she followed her heart and explored a career in design–she’s a great artist!

  5. Jess,
    absolutely love your blog, your branding, and shop! such an inspiration. I love that you have blogger interviews too! Great minds…;)
    Look forward to keeping in touch,

  6. Eileen

    Such a wonderful interview! I absolutely love how Niki came up with the name of her blog! And I will always have that image in my mind!

  7. Piper

    Niki, you are so inspiring!! I loved hearing about your story and I loved even more that you set yourself such a great goal – I think we should always dream big 🙂 Love what you said for your blog too…artfully designed inspiration…just lovely!

  8. Niki

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! I’m glad I could share my story. 🙂

  9. David Ogunsanya

    Lovely interview Niki. I really enjoyed it. Show them what a Carolina girl can do.

  10. Dad

    Enjoyed reading your blog , I guess I was one of the ones that encouraged med school , it did not matter I always knew you would reach higher goals in life. Just think,you inherited a gift from me as a talented artist, one much better than I would have ever been. I always wished that we could work together on some art work. Love you very much good luck on your blog , I may let you interview me one day……Dad

  11. Alysia G

    What a wonderful insight to such a wonderfully complex woman. I loved the read. 🙂

  12. Don H .N.C.

    Niki, its wonderful to see what you’re up to these days. Stay inspired.

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