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Good afternoon! I hope you are having a great day so far. I want to pop in and share an interview I did with MML sponsor, Kristi, of the jewelry shop, Mischief by Loki (etsy shop). One thing is clear, this lovely lady knows how to metal smith. And with her designs so refined and site so professional, it’s incredible that she’s less than one year into her business. See how she’s made it a reality in her interview answers.

She’s also generously offered to do a giveaway of one of her gorgeous birthstone rings, contest details are below.

Interview with Kristi, designer of Mischief by Loki

When did you know that you wanted to be a jewelry designer?

I’ve played with color, texture and space in a variety of ways throughout the years, but I never considered myself a designer or a creative or crafty person. I could see a finished product in my head but what I created just never lived up to my vision. I started making some simple beaded earrings several years ago but was never fully satisfied with those either. That was until I decided to add some metal elements and signed up for a metalsmith class at a local community college. Finally! A vehicle that could turn my visions into actual creations.

My husband is the one who encouraged me to open my Etsy shop in January. I still couldn’t quite believe that anyone would want to purchase anything I made–but they do!

What’s your design inspiration?

Inspiration for my designs come from everything I see–the interplay of light and texture and color. Fashion and architecture. Things that are a little mischievous and unexpected. But mostly, inspiration comes from the stones and metal itself. It sounds a little strange, perhaps, but sometimes it seems like the stones I choose ask for certain settings or shapes. The same thing happens with pieces of metal left over from other projects. That means I usually make one of a kind pieces, though many have similar design elements.

The name Mischief by Loki was inspired by my crazy dog Loki. He’s named for the Norse god of trickery and he (and his little sister) are certainly full of mischief. I like to think that their mischievous ways help keep me laughing and looking at everything from unexpected perspectives.

What is your favorite part of entrepreneurship or jewelry design?

My favorite part of designing jewelry is taking kind of plain, individual items and turning them into something lovely. I love to see metal take on new shape and life. There are so many techniques that can be used to create the designs and it’s fun to find new ways to do things.

But I have to say… one of my favorite things is to hear from people who love my creations and get such enjoyment from something completely developed by me. It makes me want to work harder so I can make things even better.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from the business side of jewelry design?

It’s a lot of work! I’m the creative designer, fabricator, supply orderer, shipper, marketer, technical support, and on and on. And that’s after spending all day at my day job. The most important lesson I’m still learning is that it’s so important to take time off. If I try to force myself to fabricate a ring when I’m too tired or grumpy or stressed, I just end up with a glob of melted silver. There’s always something else to do so on those days I work on accounting or learn more about social media or clean my studio.

Where do you see the company going in two years?

At this point I’ve been in business less than a year. It’s hard to imagine where I could be in two years after so much has happened in only a few months! I’m in the process of building a website, which will include a blog where I hope to provide design, creativity and metalsmithing tips and inspiration. But if we’re dreaming big… in two years I would like to see my designs featured in a magazine and on strangers that I pass in the street (ok, even just a few strangers would be fantastic!). I’d also like to make enough money that my husband and I can take an amazing trip every year.

Giveaway – (1) Birthstone Ring

To enter to win your own customized birthstone ring, simply visit Kristi’s shop and comment here on which design is your favorite. Comments will be accepted until next Tuesday, August 10th.

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  1. Robyn

    The Fireflies & Gatsby rings are gorgeous. I hope you’ll let us know when her site/blog is launched!

  2. Janelle

    Beautiful jewelry and great pictures! Such amazing work for not even a year of business! I love her rings, especially the Gatsby! So unique!

  3. Melissa

    I love the silver ribbon earrings. She has beautiful jewelry!

  4. Kristi

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the nice comments about my jewelry. *blush* My website isn’t finished yet (I’m having trouble coding the photos correctly) but other than that you can find it at http://www.mischiefjewelry.com.

  5. sara

    It’s so hard to decide! I love LOVE the flared silver ring, but I’m obsessed with stacking rings. I love the Aurora ring too. I want everything!

  6. denise

    All the pieces are wonderful, but the twist stem necklace is my favorite. So unique!

  7. Dionne

    The birthstone ring and the stacking rings are my favorite. They each are understated, but the bright color of the stones really pop against the sterling silver. So pretty!

  8. Jamie

    How can you pick just one – I love the birthstone rings, the stackables, the flare and the Whitney ring!

  9. Melissa

    LOVE the Black Limba wood ring! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Katya

    It’s a toss up – either the Leopard ring or the Chained Up earrings. It’s all so great though!

  11. Kat

    I really love the Lyla Necklace in Turquoise and the Birthstone Ring. Great giveaway and great jewelry!

  12. coasterkim

    Love the Aurora ring and the bauble earrings and would be thrilled to win the birthstone ring!

  13. Kelly P

    I like the Lyla necklace and the birthstone rings. There are so many great ones to choose from though!

  14. Kwana

    I love the Gatsby ring and the wite flower pearl earings. What great talent.

  15. cindy

    i love the birthstone ring…my birthday is november so i would like a citrine stone
    great giveaway and beautiful shop!

  16. Susan

    I really like the Raspberry Square Pendant

  17. Alli

    I love the Gatsby ring. The colors are fantastic!!!! Great blog 🙂

  18. amanda

    the twist stem necklace is gorgeous – beautiful jewelry, beautiful store!

  19. Clara

    Kristi’s pieces are lovely. I particularly like the Bauble earrings.

  20. Cathy

    I’m liking the birthstone rings. Simple, but with some sparkle.

  21. Heidi

    I love love love some that were already sold: the scalloped lace and the pink clouds necklaces. They are so pretty! For something that is still on sale I would have to go with either the posey ring or the coyaminto agate necklace; Kristi! YOU ARE AMAZING ! 😉

  22. leyla

    The penny cuff links are so awesome but my favorite are the stackable rings. Your jewelry is so beautiful!

  23. I love all of Kristi’s work! If I have to choose, my favorite is the Aurora Ring in Green! BEAUTIFUL!!

  24. Nicole

    I love the silver dome ring. It’s gorgeous!

  25. Linda H

    Wow! I have some stones that I didn’t know what to do with, but now I have some ideas. I will be contacting Kristi very soon to see what she could do with them.

  26. Cami

    I love the Black Limba Wood Ring. Gorgeous!

  27. Lisa

    SO hard to choose a favorite, but I’ve gotta go with the Gatsby ring. Thanks for the opportunity to win–I’m keeping my (currently ringless–ahem!) fingers crossed!

  28. Lisa

    I can’t decide between the Whitney ring and the Posy ring, both are lovely!

  29. Kat

    LOVE the green Aurora ring in green! You’re amazing Kristi and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  30. Kate

    I LOVE the Leopard Ring in Sterling Silver. I adore chunky jewelery and this ring is so fierce! I also looooove the birth stone rings…. I can imagine doing the Single Ladies dance adorned with an April ring 🙂

  31. Gorgeous work, incredible artist, I like everything about this! My favorite (which was so hard to choose) is the purple jade pendant. Lovely!

  32. I adore the Gatsby ring! What a dreamy blend of spots and colors. I have never seen a stone like that before!

  33. Yolanda

    The Raspberry Square Pendant is my fav! 🙂

  34. pilar

    i love all of the pieces, but my favorite is the gatsby ring! the organic feel is just perfect!

  35. Krystle

    The flared ring is simple & elegant. Very pretty.

  36. Ann

    I like the silver dome ring, but these birthstone rings are really pretty!

  37. Danielle

    I like the raspberry square pendant.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  38. Anna

    I’d love to see the birthstone ring in opal (my birthstone for October)! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  39. Eva

    I like the Aurora ring for a special ocassion, but the birthstone ring would be perfect for everyday!

  40. mackenzie

    I think the chained up earrings are beautiful

  41. I love the penny cuff links. They are playful and a great conversation starter. Nice work Kristi.

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