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Good morning! Today is a bit of a flex day for me. My brother, Mike, just got into Chicago and will be staying with me until Wednesday morning when we fly home to our parents house outside of Philly. I’m busy working on the last batch of holiday orders and getting things done for Jess LC while Erwin and Mike watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’m hoping I’ll be able to wrap up in the next few hours so we can get a few last minute presents for family.

Spring – My “About Me” Post

If you have 10 minutes, feel free to hop over to Spring where I posted my “about me” video. I explain how I started Jess LC and what sparked MakeunderMyLife. Enjoy!

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  1. carolyn

    Great video. I admire everything you’ve done! (and your jewelry!) 🙂
    I just read your profile on Spring too and saw that you dream of your non-existent dog, Elsie. We just got a puppy a little over a month ago and named her Elsie! Check her out…you might change your mind on which breed you want! 🙂 Happy Holidays.


  2. Jess

    @ Carolyn: Aw, your Elsie is so cute! Thanks for sharing her with me. And of course, I love the name. I know this sounds pretty dorky, but part of me loves the name because it will sound like “Jess LC” when I say “Jess and Elsie.”

    I know.

    Totally cheesy. 🙂

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