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First off, I would like to thank you all for your incredible support with the launch of With Intention yesterday. It was truly a magical day.

Surprisingly, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief along with the gratitude. I no longer had to hint at what I’ve been preparing, planning, and doing. I got to just put it out there and claim it for myself:

I help people design their lives, homes, and businesses with intention. 


But really, this story has been in the making for the past seven years. You see, I discovered my purpose, to help people live intentional lives, my junior year of college. And every moment since then has been leading me to yesterday’s launch. And to be honest, I’m sure in years to come I will feel even more convinced that I am living out my purpose in some new way I have yet to imagine.

While living out this seven year journey, I have realized a few things about purpose. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that purpose is about building on cumulative experience.

Even when I recognized my purpose, while sitting in a college dorm room battling binge eating, I had a lot to learn to get me to the point where I could help people to the extent that I am helping people today. Yet even so, as a chubby 21 year-old sitting in my dorm room unhappily eating candy bars (three at a time), I recognized that my entire childhood, adolescence, and personal interests had been leading me to this life vocation.

Further, I don’t think a specific purpose is something we are born with, but rather something that builds over time and life experience. We are all born to serve others. But how that will manifest largely depends on our strengths mixed with our unique experiences.

To me, purpose is a mixture of nature and a lot of nurture.

So basically my life experience until I was 21 led me to understand the particular value and service I could offer the world. Then, in the past seven years, I’ve been slowly weaving that purpose into my actual life and career. One day (or blog post) at a time.

And little by little I found myself turning this mission into a career. But a career is never essential with purpose – we are meant to be of service whether we are paid for it or not. So there is no problem if one never turns their purpose into a company, job, or whatever the heck we feel we “need” to make it become.

The value of purpose is in personal interactions and the cumulative betterment of the human experience for others.

Money is not a factor from the Universe’s point of view.

Which means regardless of whether we discover our purpose sooner or later, or whether we do it for cash or karma, we need to recognize that it will take time. The only way to really speed up the process is to cultivate an intentional life.

Because when we remain dedicated to seeking a deeper understanding of what we have to offer others in this world, we will notice the little signs, lucky breaks, and opportunities more quickly than if we let life happen “to us.” 

So if you feel stuck in limbo trying to discover your purpose, perhaps shift your sights to the intentions you have for your life. For they might just lead you, in time, to the purpose you seek.


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  1. Ashley Wright

    So excited about your new venture! Sometimes I feel like I am over analyzing and over thinking and over zoning in those intentions for my life. I am so scared to choose just one. Or what if I choose the right one? Do I have the courage to choose one? Thank you though, for helping me realize to keep seeking my purpose and trying is sometimes better than perfection.

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