TLS #83: Personal Growth in a Relationship & Changing Unhelpful Drinking Patterns with Tara Bliss


Today’s episode of The Lively Show is extremely powerful, insightful, and so soothing that I have a feeling many people will feel like they’ve had a massage after listening to the show!

I’m talking with Australian life coach, Tara Bliss, about her journey from using drinking and drugs to be the best version of herself, to finding a more peaceful approach to living her life.

Tara details her experiences and advice for others who struggle with this area of life in her book, High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace.

(Note: The practices Tara recommends are geared towards those with milder relationships to alcohol and drugs, not specifically serious addictions.)

This episode is perfect for anyone who would like to: hear an honest and inspiring personal story, learn about new ways to approach drinking peacefully, or learn how to connect with a partner who may not be on the same personal growth path as themselves. 








  • Why Tara moved away from home during high school and worked to support herself.
  • What lead her to begin drinking at the age of 15.
  • How her drinking and drug habits affected her as an aspiring olympian volleyball player.
  • The wakeup call she had during a volleyball game that gave her perspective on her lifestyle and choices.
  • The transformational trip that helped her to leave a large part of her lifestyle behind.
  • Tara shares what helped her get through the difficulties she had in her relationship with her future husband as they recovered from substance abuse together.
  • Her advice to someone who is interested in self development who has a partner that doesn’t share the same interest.
  • How we can transform our judgment into compassion.
  • What practices have helped Tara let go of drugs and alcohol.
  • Tara explains her accidental transition into life coaching.
  • Why she decided to self publish her book.
  • How Tara’s perspective has shifted about sobriety even since she wrote her book and her advice to anyone who is thinking about exploring sobriety.
  • What Tara would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




High: A Party Girl’s Guide To Peace

The Royal We







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  1. Allison Cooper

    Just like Jess said, you just have to let Tara’s words wash over you. This podcast was mental Calgon! Love, love!

  2. kristie

    Yes when I was walking off the train, I was feeling like I had just gotten a massage on my commute to work. These questions she tells you to ask yourself are ones that I want ponder as well as letting curiosity lead my next steps in life… I’ve never considered that before. Oh and the Aussie accent… If it’s her voice on the book audio, I will for sure be digging into that version of the book. I spent 6 months there myself and everything about the entire culture just oozes with a slower, more calming pace of life. Thanks for the interview and introducing us to Tara 🙂

    1. I hear you, her voice is SO soothing!

      It’s also amazing that you got to live in Australia for six months. That would be an incredible dream come true for me. : )


  3. I really loved this episode. I’m sober now for 2 years (2 years in 6 days time actually!) and so could resonate with much of this. Also following my own journey in good food/nutrition/yoga and meditation. My life has changed enormously as a result of this x

    1. Congratulations on your new chapter of life, Annabel! It’s wonderful to hear your life has changed in such a great way as a result of the changes you’ve made. : )


  4. Seneca Hart

    I love listening to an episode where going into it you aren’t really familiar with the person or sure that it will be very applicable, and then you listen and something really clicks! In this one I heard “you can do anything for 30 days” and maybe along with reading Gretchen Rubin’s book and the fact that it was exactly 31 days until my birthday, it was really impactful and inspiring- so thank you!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Seneca! I hope you enjoy the next month leading up to your birthday. : )

  5. I just started listening to your podcast and this episode really meant something to me. I feel like I took away a valuable piece of info on how to better understand my spouse. Just wanted to say thanks. 🙂

    1. This is wonderful to hear!! I’m so grateful something in this episode from Tara’s wisdom helped you understand your spouse. : )


  6. KK

    Thanks for this episode – catching up on old episodes I listened this week for the first time, and so many things spoke to me, I’m now listening to it again. The piece about growth in a relationship, and the comments about how your words and negative judgment can affect your partner was something I really needed to hear. I’d love to hear more on the topic of relationships and growth in the future!

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