the apartment: a work in progress

Hi, welcome back. My name is Jess, remember me? I now have Internet and moved into the new apartment. It was quite an undertaking to say the least. Since we moved exactly one block south, we (and by “we” I mean mostly Erwin, Danny, and Mark) used grocery carts and muscles to transport all of our furniture from the jewelry studio and from the apartment we lived in. Take a look at what’s been going on so far.

The Apartment: A Work in Progress

We moved my place (the jewelry studio) on Sunday and on Monday we moved Erwin’s place (our apartment). Since I had a painter friend painting the bedrooms on Tuesday and Wednesday, we moved everything into the living room for the first two days.

Remember the living room? This is what it looked like when we saw it for the first time.


And this is what it looked like on Tuesday morning. Oy.


And this is what it looks like this morning. (The white fabric is the drying slipcover for the bedroom couch.)


This is the bedroom, painted in an awesome blue/gray paint from Behr called Silver Setting. Love it.


And this is the painted jewelry studio, in a Behr color called Summer Moon. Apparently light yellow is another word for cream.


As you can see this is a huge work in progress with a long way to go. But in the meantime we’re adjusting nicely to the extra space. Did I ever mention that our old place could be vacuumed using just one plug? Yeah.

To be continued…

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  1. Sarah

    Wow what a great place! I am in love with the hardwood floors and those windows. I like the paint colors, too. I hate moving (I am in the process of packing up for college). It is no fun, but dreaming of the new place is always fun. I hope you enjoy it especially since there is more room to roam around in.

  2. Sarah

    The bedroom color is perfect! And I am so jelous of you living room wall to wall windows! How awesome!

  3. Bek

    It’s all coming together great!

    I laughed when you said you could vacuum your old place using just one plug. That’s how my old place was! I’m immensely grateful for all my extra space now — even if it does mean it takes longer to vacuum.

  4. I am in love with your floors! Gorgeous!

    Glad to see that moving chaos is universal. Fun to see the progress. I’ll have to remember to keep my camera accessible (in just a month!)

    <3 Maggie

  5. It is really coming along! You have been kicking some butt!

    I love all the colors so far and the sunshine that is coming in is to die for! I love sunny rooms.

  6. Jess

    @ Julia: No, I don’t think it’s typical to find wall to wall windows in each room, but they do exist.

    @ Brooke: Yes, I can’t wait to have a real media unit (we have an idea using Ikea bookshelves) and to get the sectional we ordered in place. I also found a rug I’d really like on Overstock… thinking about making the purchase next week.

    @ Bek: Haha, you’ve been there too? It was ‘cozy’ to say the least. And I sure was living a made under life… a little too much so.

    @ Maggie: Good luck! We can swap stories and advice.

    @ Lauren from Texas: Yes, Silver Setting is definitely a great choice for a bedroom, I’d recommend it if you are thinking of something similar. It looks more blue in the day and gray at night.

    @ All: Thanks for the compliments on the windows and floors. The wood is actually laminate (which seems to be a bit creaky coming from wall to wall carpet). But the variation of cherry colors is really fresh.

  7. Wow, I am impressed, I think I would go from wanting to get set up, and then wanting to cry for the extra space. Good luck getting settled in your new spot! The colors are so soothing and nice to come home to.

  8. Jess

    @ PVE: Thanks, Patrica! It’s coming along very nicely. Once the couch comes it will look even better.

  9. Dottie

    Beautiful apartment! I live in Chicago, too. Love the big loft windows so many condos have here.

  10. Chelsea

    Jess- The place looks great! Keep up the fantastic work. What talent you have! Now, you must tell me where you got your dining room chairs. They’re fab.

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