the best of people

This morning I woke up with a feeling of excitement for the many new projects I’m working on for Jess LC. And at the same time, I also had a knot of dread bigger than an Ann Sather’s cinnamon roll in my stomach.

You see, we have been in the process of getting our new Quincy iPad 2 cases (which were featured yesterday on the Glitter Guide!) made for quite some time. Because we switched to a new supplier and the supplier and I decided to make improvements to the inner-workings of the case, this next batch of cases is taking a bit longer than first expected (I did recently adjust the estimated ship time to be within the window of this week, but the current ship date is still at the tail end of that estimate).

The dread I felt in my stomach this morning was due to the fact that I knew I needed to email the 38 people who are anxiously awaiting their new amazeballs cases and let them know that it’s going to be just a few more days until the manufacturer thinks they will be completed. Though I know that I cannot affect the completion date – that is all decided in the production team at the small Chicago factory – I am ultimately the only person the customers can talk to.

And so, I was worried and apprehensive that the customers who have up to this point been extremely happy, satisfied, and excited, might suddenly hate me for the Friday ship date that the manufacturer has now said is most likely.

But then, while working out this morning while listening to J. Meyer, I had a breakthrough.

I was expecting the worst of people, rather than the best.

In her show this morning, she mentioned that “love believes the best of people” and I was already expecting (read: fearing) the worst.

From that aha moment on, I was huffing and puffing “love believes the best of people” the rest of my elliptical workout.

Feel free to go ahead and laugh at that image in your mind, it’s fine with me.

But regardless of the funny scenario, I think the overall point is something we all can keep in mind when we find ourselves pre-disposed to expecting the worst of people in our lives. Instead of that negative foregone conclusion which manifests in worry and fear, we can approach new situations with positive expectations and give the people we interact with the benefit of the doubt that they are indeed, wonderful people.

They deserve it.


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  1. Kate

    I love this! This is so true, I need to expect the best of people! Thanks for the reminder ūüôā

  2. Cathy

    Congrats on the feature!

    I just finished reading Blake Mycoskie’s “Start Something that Matters.” In it, he talks about the early days of TOMS and when the company was covered by the LA Times. In one day, TOMS sold 2,200 pairs but there was no way they could fulfill the orders. They had to call all the customers to explain that they couldn’t deliver their orders in time and they had to wait for about 8 weeks. Amazingly, there was only one cancellation.

    Just another example of how great people can be!

  3. Such a true statement! I think we often overlook the best in people, and the best in ourselves especially. Will be keeping this in mind during some challenges I know I’m going to face over the next few weeks.

  4. I try to live by this rule. My ex-husband always believed the worst in people, and over time, I found that I had to believe the best in people just to counteract his negativity. I found that when I thought this way, I was so much happier and satisfied with life in general. I truly think that this is one of those cases where your thought process can actually impact reality.

  5. Brandi

    I absolutely love it! Such an inspiring statement, “love believes the best of people”. While it’s so simple and yet quite (unexpectedly) powerful. Life’s really too short to not expect the best of people, especially yourself. I’m defiantly going to be channeling these thoughts a little more in life. So uplifting, Thanks!!

  6. Jess

    Thanks, ladies!

    Cathy, that is so great to hear! I have had great responses from my customers as well! : )

    Alyssa and Brandi, such a great point – it is about believing the best of ourselves too.

    Jillian, you sound quite inspirational!! Love that outlook no matter what you are around.

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