the dark side of starting Jess LC


Okay, maybe the title of this post is a bit dramatic. But the truth is, the interview I did for The Good Life For Less‘s new Dreamers Into Do-ers series really does highlight the not-so-pretty parts of starting Jess LC full-time after graduation in 2007.

Jill asked me several questions covering topics like what my business school peers thought about Jess LC, how I keep going when things get tough, and what is in store for me and Jess LC in 2010. I really have to say, this is an authentic and honest interview.

Thanks to Jill for asking such great questions!

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  1. Rachel

    Jess, this was SUCH a good interview. I love hearing the story- super inspiring as always.

  2. Susan

    That was an incredible interview, Jess! I really admire you and what you are working toward. I am also about paring down/making under my life. I’m so happy that Brooke sent me your way a few months ago now because of that similarity between us.

    Someday I will own some of your necklaces (thinking positively here)!!! Hopefully the Astor Street bead necklace in shore and the State Street circle necklace – both in gold. I love them!

  3. Dayka

    Really good interview. Thanks for sharing so much about your business, intentions, and life. Very inspiring!

  4. This was one of the best interviews I have ever read. It may sound crazy but by reading your words I learned some valuable information about myself that has been so huge that I don’t think i will ever be the same. I love hearing about your thought processes and how you make decisions…which is specifically the area that I struggle with…trusting myself to make the decision that is right for FOR ME. Thank you for continuing to be inspiring. I really really connected with this today – thank you thank you.

  5. Leana

    What a great interview. I appreciate your candidness and willingness to share your vulnerabilities. It sounds like there are exciting opportunities and growth ahead!

  6. Dee

    What a great interview – I really admired your pluck!

  7. Kelley

    Thanks for the very honest interview. I’m considering becoming an entrepreneur myself, so it was really good to hear about your experiences.

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