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TheEasiestWayToMakeAGalleryWallEverI’m sure it’s not surprising that the gallery wall in the writing room (aka guest bedroom) is continuing to grow.

If you look all the way over to the right, you’ll see a new Just Keep Going print (the third JKG print in the gallery) above the lamp.

The design might look familiar since it is the same awesome design that Jen Serafini hand illustrated for the Workshop At Home tote bags.


Now, it’s time to talk about the frame and how insanely easy it was to hang. It took less than 30 seconds to hang thanks to Mary Ann, the awesome entrepreneur and inventor behind Change of Art.

I first met Mary Ann as a business consulting client, and since then she has come to Business in the City. At our last meet up she generously gave me one of her amazing frames to try out for myself.

To see her hard work in action was a real treat. These frames are eco-friendly, made in the US, contribute to a good cause, and are insanely good-looking.

But better than all of that are the mechanics.

When you open the box, you find everything you need to hang the frames (well, except the hammer).


She even includes the nail!

On the back of the frame you don’t even have to remove the backing to insert the pictures. You just slide the photo you want to use in the top slot and your extra photos rest in the lower pocket. How cool is that?


Next, you simply take the template and the blue painters tape and apply it to the wall where you’d like your frame to hang. ChangeofArtGalleryWallPaperTemplate

Then, you hammer the nail on the white space indicated on the paper.


Mary Ann includes a circle piece with the nail. This circle piece fits into a groove in the frame so it’s also self-leveling(!).


It. Is. So. Easy. Though I only have one of her frames, her system is also sold in sets so that you can hang an entire wall of frames quickly.

Though I might sound a bit intense about this product, that is because I genuinely love this system and I am honored to know such a kind and innovative entrepreneur.


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    1. It totally is! If you ever need more frames or want to do a collection of frames, I totally recommend them.

  1. What a wonderful invention! I always have a hard time measuring between where the top of the picture is and where the actual hook is going to go, so this is genius! And self-leveling? Even better!

    1. They really are. And I know you are really passionate about putting funds where it is meaningful. You would LOVE supporting this company.

  2. I love this! We are planning on doing a small gallery wall in our upstairs hallway and one of these sets would be perfect!

    1. For sure! You can get sets of her frames so you can make a really good looking collage… in fact, I think she might even have some suggestions for how to do the up the stairs thing (but I could be mistaken). : ) I promise it would be crazy easy and the self-leveling is such a nice thing to not have to worry about on the stairs, too.

  3. Carrie Waller

    Oh my god…That is BRILLIANT!!! Need.

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