the end of the week exfoliation

Happy pre-Fourth of July! I have three very good friends coming into town. It will be a girls weekend (with a dash of Erwin) to remember. In fact, I’m following many other bloggers and creating the infamous mini hamburgers and french fry treats (photos to come). We might also enjoy a cocktail at the Signature Room tonight.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone in Chicago for the 4th?

The End of the Week Exfoliation


“My first submission is the cookbooks.  I love to cook, and always told myself I’d eventually use these cookbooks, but they’ve just sat on my shelf for years.  I figured now was a good time to get rid of them.”



This Friday’s Exfoliation is some earrings that I haven’t been wearing for quite some time.* Why keep them if I don’t use them?

* The rhinestone dangles at the bottom were from high school senior homecoming! I think they might qualify as vintage.

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  1. creative Be

    Hi Jess! Not sure if these exfoliations are the same idea… but I would love to give the deceptively delicious cookbook a try 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Jess

    @ Creative Be: I will do some asking for you and let you know if the cookbooks are up for grabs! Thanks for asking.

  3. 1

    I am constantly searching online for articles that can benefit me. Thanks!

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