the final end of the week exfoliation (for now)

Okay, confession time: for some reason or another, my enthusiasm has been waning on the End of the Week Exfoliation posts for about a month or so. I thought it was just me being lazy (it can take me about 40 minutes to re-size the submission photos, upload comments, and add links for these posts). But really, I think it’s just time that I take the summer off and come back to this series in the fall. That said, I still definitely plan to exfoliate items in my life that aren’t needed/used/or loved any longer, and I hope that everyone else continues to do the same.

Plus I have a fun summer exfoliation challenge that I’m going to announce next week which will replace this series in June. I’ll give you a very obtuse clue: it has to do with bikini season.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“We have two spare rooms in our house– one of which has only been used a handful of times since we moved in 4 years ago.  So, we decided we’re going to change the room into something a little more useful.  We listed the full size mattress/box spring/frame and wrought-iron end table on Craigslist.  We had inquiries the next day!”


“Here is to exfoliating!  Now, why do I need so many food containers…I don’t even cook.  Enough said.”

(see below)
My neighbourhood is having a big yard sale for Habitat for Humanity this weekend ( I’ve got two big shopping bags worth of stuff to contribute, including 8 books, a Gilmore Girls dvd, high heeled boots that aren’t my style, a pair of heels that always give me blisters, a teal shade for a lamp I no longer have, a hat, novelty heart-shaped sunglasses, a kitchen scale (was given a new digital one), two photo albums, two picture frames, an alarm clock, a change purse, a laptop adaptor, earbud headphones, and a clothes drying rack. Feels great to get it all out of the apartment for a good cause!”
“A pile of clothing that didn’t fit anymore that went to a local consignment shop.”
“A pile of clothing that didn’t fit anymore that was donated.”

I have owned these two packs of folders for years and never found a use for them. If anyone in the Chicago area wants to come pick them up in Lakeview and give them a new life, let me know! They would cost more to ship than they are really worth.

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  1. gina

    I love those folders and I actually use folders regularly at home and work AND I live in Lakeview. I will happily come take those folders off your hands.

  2. Margie

    I love that are exfoliating the end of the week exfoliation. Isn’t the whole point of the exercise to evaluate what weighs you down? If this is weighing you down, let it go. It can always come back!

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