the intention for the journey



This morning I’m on a quick 36 hour trip to Nashville. I’m speaking at AH Inspired about how to build a business team.

In other news, I found a quote this week that describes a buoyant attitude perfectly suited to living an intentional life.


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  1. Kim

    I loved this quote so much (and found it especially inspiring after waking up to an INBOX OF STRESS), that I reposted it on my blog 🙂 Thanks for always being so inspiring and hope you don’t mind I reposted! 😉

    1. That’s great to hear! And you are welcome to repost anything you like, as long as there is a link and credit. : )

  2. Kimberly Anne

    Safe travels! & I love the quote!

  3. Great quote. I’m going to start saving these on Pinterest. You find some great ones!

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