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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have been planning to roll out some new changes and this new offering marks a turning point in my career!


The Intention Sessions


Though many of us want to make positive changes and live with intention, what to do or how to do it is not always clear.

At the deepest level, what do we truly want?

What do we do next? 

How do we overcome the resistance we face on a daily basis? 

These three questions and their (sometimes surprising) answers contain the power to transform our lives in profoundly meaningful ways.

But we cannot simply address these questions in one area of our lives and expect to thrive overall.

When we are making forward progress in each area of our life – personal habits, possessions, relationships, and career – we are able to step out of our comfort zone and reach new levels of personally defined success.

Our quality of life rises.

Meanwhile, a barrier in one area may prevent our ability to move forward in another.

Our lack of personal care may erode our effectiveness in our careers.

Our struggle to maintain a healthy connection to our possessions may overshadow our desire to seek a fulfilling relationship. 

To truly live our best life, it is up to us to address each area.

We cannot expect to blossom without caring for all of the needs of the bud.




The Intention Sessions are designed to provide intentions (why we want what we want), action steps (what we need to do next), and mindsets (the power to overcome the challenges that will come up along the way) aligned with what we want most deeply.

In The Intention Sessions, I will work with clients in each session on two of the following areas of their life:

–  Possessions/home/clutter/organization
–  Personal habits/me time/health/wellness/best living practices
–  Relationships
–  Career/small business

During our first 75-minute session together, we will do a deep dive into what you want, what your intentions for that area are, action steps to make them a reality, and methods to overcome the resistance you face when making those choices in your everyday life.

Later, in our 20-minute follow-up we discuss your progress, questions, and adjust any steps as needed.


What You Get



–  Pre-session reflection/homework covering the two areas you want to discuss.
–  One 75-minute session by phone (US) or Skype (internationally).
–  One 20-minute follow-up by phone (US) or Skype (internationally).
–  Audio recordings of our sessions.
–  A clear understanding of your intention for both areas, your next actions, and tools to overcome the resistance to making those changes in your life.
–  Holiday Bonus: Between now and December 25, I am also offering a free 5″x7″ Just Keep Going print as a special gift for those who might be purchasing this package for themselves or a loved one for the holidays.


To sign up, please email jess(at) or purchase as a gift!



Thinking about doing The Intention Sessions with me?

In the midst of big life changes (transition from a career job to full-time entrepreneurship), I treated myself to an Intention Session with Jess. I knew I needed a roadmap that would guide me in this new space in my life.  Wow it delivered! 
After our session I have a clear big picture vision on how I wanted my life to look like in this new chapter. In our session, we identified my values and priorities, as well as brainstorm actions that would continue to support living my life with intention. Most importantly, I was able to see and celebrate the progress I have been able to make thus far and how easy and attainable the next steps could be.

Laura Yamin, Laura Yamin


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  1. Kody

    What a lovely addition to your business! I think many people could use periodic sessions like these to help them stay focused and on track.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thank you!

      The response has been great so far. I’m so excited to get to merge all that I’ve shared over the years into one awesome one-on-one package customized for the clients I’m working with. : )

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