the magic bullet – is it really magic?

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I apologize for taking two precious minutes out of your day to talk about something really unimportant. So meaningless, I totally condone moving on to the next blog in your reader or site on you toolbar. Go ahead. Move along now.


For those that are still reading (hi, Mom!), I have a confession to make. Erwin and I spent 37 minutes of our Sunday afternoon watching an infomercial about The Magic Bullet. What can I say? I was mentally exhausted and the British guy, perky lady, and actress with the housecoat and cigarette were too good to be true. So was the actual product. We began contemplating a purchase after a half hour.

So we headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to scope out the product. Though we didn’t buy it (yet), I am wondering… is it really worth it? From the infomercial, it looks like it could be a great tool, for garlic chopping, smoothies, omelet making, and margaritas. But before I plunk down $50 (minus the 20% off BB&B coupon), I want your highly esteemed opinions.

What do you think? Bite or dodge the bullet?

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  1. Jill

    A girlfriend of mine makes smoothies with them and they really are fast and deal with ice well. I’ve drank said smoothies! (and I love a good smoothie!) Although I did hear that a friend of a friend of a friend wound up in the hospital with a finger near off from one – I don’t know why her finger was in there or why there wouldn’t be a better safety mechanism (but don’t we all know friends of friends that do the most unimaginable things? so take that with a grain of salt!)

  2. Laina

    My friend and her boyfriend have one and love it – they use it mostly for smoothies and alcoholic icy beverages, so I dunno how or if it works for chopping garlic etc. I just bought a great blender from bed bath and beyond and I do not regret it – all $70+ of it so if you dont have one you love or one that makes smoothies in to-go cups, I say you wont regret it (so long as you really will make and drink many smoothies, shakes and frozen margaritas/pina coladas!).

  3. LaurenH

    We received one as a wedding gift. It works really well, but the amount of cup attachments is pretty annoying and they don’t store well. I don’t use it enough for it to be worth it to buy with my own money. At the same time, I’m not much of a cook, so maybe someone who cooks more elaborate meals would use it more.

  4. Rebecca

    i don’t know, but all i have to say is that a kitchen tool that you can chop garlic AND make omlettes with, it must be pretty damn impressive! LOL

  5. ohbrooke

    My friends have them and use them for smoothies. They make a LOT of things, but smoothies seem to be what most people make with them… I know you can do garlic, but we buy minced garlic, and if I’m making soup, I think I’ll grab a stovepot. Ya know? So you’d have to decide what you’d realistically get it out and clean it for.

  6. Julie

    They are great, but a bit difficult to clean. the smoothie factor alone makes them brilliant, and pesto is a snap. It’s a pretty fun tool, really.

  7. Christina

    I’ve often considered buying one too. Infomercials do a great job convincing you that need it and your life will be better. If you think you’ll use it a lot even after the novelty wears off then go for it. Otherwise you may be considering it for one of the exfoliation items.

  8. MeggyD

    YES! It is so worth it! I have it and use it weekly, sometimes daily! I make smoothies, protein pancake batter, sauces, drinks, etc! It comes with a book of recipes you can use it for, so the options are endless!!

    Then, when I’m done using it, I just rinse and plop in the dishwasher! It’s simple!

    It’s easy to store, because it’s so small.

    I think it’s a real steal!! My mom and friends use theirs all the time too.

    Keep me posted on if you get it and once you try it out!! ūüôā

  9. Jess

    @ all: Thanks ladies! I think I’ll enjoy the margarita factor, and Erwin makes smoothies for dessert every night (I think it’s a byproduct of his Slurpee addiction).

    Though I think I will eventually purchase the Bullet, I might wait until more important things are taken care of (ahem, did someone say sectional?).

  10. rachel

    Macy’s has a similar one called the Bella Cuisine – we got it for $20 on sale – I think it originally goes for %50. It works just as well and I actually like the Bella cups better.

  11. Lauren

    i love the bullet! we’ve never gotten to hang of crushing ice or chopping but we use it a lot for smoothies and compound butter (like mixing herbs and butter) and other delicious things that need pulverising.

  12. Jess

    @ Rachel: Nice, I’ll have to check it out when I’m back at Macy’s.

    @ Lauren: Compound butter you say? Now I’m definitely leaning on the side of getting it!

  13. Jessica

    I have one, and I would say this: It works really well as a blender. It makes smoothie making a snap, and crushes ice uniformly and well. If you don’t have a blender it’s a great buy because of its’ small footprint on your valuable counterspace. As a food processor it’s a little spotty. I have had some trouble with food being a combination of pureed and at the same time really chunky. So, definitely worth the purchase for blending, whipping, etc. Not the best food processor replacement. FYI, a while back the Kitchn did a big product review of the bullet, so you could look that up in their archives to get more details.

  14. Kaitlyn

    We have a magic bullet at home and the only thing we use it for is smoothies. Its nice and easy because you can drink it straight from the container, but it really doesn’t work well on other foods. We’ve had a couple years and now its starting to break down. If you already have a food processor or blender I wouldn’t spend the money on it.

  15. Ashley

    I’ve heard great things about it! But don’t spend the money at BB&B! I would check at JCPenny first – they usually have those “As Seen On TV” things for a much lower price!

  16. Megan

    Oh sweet honey butter chicken biscuits, we must have been watching the same channel because I WANT ONE TOO. Maybe that would get me to cook more?

    Hm, nah.

  17. Jess

    @ all: Hm. So torn. Honestly we do have a mini processor and an okay blender. If we get it, we’d ditch the blender. I do think my lazy kitchen skills would be better off with the Bullet’s smoothie capabilities rather than the old clunky thing E. uses.

    But I guess I’ll put this off until I have other, more important projects completed. (Ahem, did someone say sectional?)

  18. pve design

    I use my “cuisinart” for everything, it seems to do a dandy job all these years. I would like a standing mixer, and I have my eye on one. Baking, beating, whipping can all be very therapeutic and inspiring to creative types…. will we see something like this in your jewelry collection?

  19. Jessica

    Don’t do it! The Magic Bullet is alright – it just doesn’t last very long. Mine died while I was in the middle of making hummus for a Christmas party! I had to mix the rest of the beans into the hummus, which was actually quite tasty. I got a 11-cup Cuisinart food processor after that and never looked back…

  20. Jess

    @ PVE: Hahaha, maybe. I know the silver part of the mixer could inspire silver jewelry…

    @ Jessica: Bummer! Ok, I’ll have to mull it over a bit more. Thanks for sharing your story!

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