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This weekend was a blur of fun and food. I will start off by saying I’m busy editing and finishing the photos from the first Chiblogo event which was a huge success! More on that in the next day or so.

The New Whole Foods (AKA): “Date Night”


I’ll start off this morning with a photo tour of the new Whole Foods on N. Kingsbury (conveniently located around the corner from the J. Crew on North Ave.). I heard it was the third largest Whole Foods in the world, and decided to check it out for date night before seeing Funny People with Erwin.

Friday morning when I told E my plan, he asked, “are you sure there is going to be enough food for me to be satisfied?”

This is (a small fraction of) what we saw:















Needless to say, we didn’t leave hungry.

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  1. Oh my God! So overwhelming! But amazing. I adore the fact that they have outdoor seating on the river!

  2. Mel

    Isn’t it wonderful?! I said we were going to make the LP Whole Foods are new Friday night date spot: See you there! 😉

    BTW – Randomly came across you blog when I found your website. Love your jewelry. Must order soon!

  3. Rebecca

    OMG! I need to move JUST for a Whole Foods store. I would be there every single day.

  4. Bek

    Whoa, that’s crazy. I can’t believe they have bath salts by the pound — my Whole Foods definitely does not do that!

  5. Kaitlyn

    I was at this Whole Foods yesterday- it’s completely overwhelming but a lot of fun (as much fun as a grocery store can be). I love the make your own trail mix section!

  6. Haha, Date Night at Whole Foods…duh! Very cute. That must be the most pleasant grocery shopping experience known to man. And a killer view, too!

  7. Sarah

    Having lived in Austin, I adore Whole Foods! Great date spot indeed!

  8. Michelle

    I am so jealous of your new Whole Foods. I truly can not imagine my life without Whole Foods nor do I want to. Truth be told, I live so close to one that I can walk over when I need to pick up a few things. Too bad I don’t live walking distance from this one.

  9. meg

    Ah, Whole Foods is the best, isn’t it?! It is so my happy place– what a great date night WF and Funny People– lucky you!! As a former Chicago gal, I love seeing these great pics!

  10. Jess

    @ Mel: So funny that we wrote about the same thing, let alone did the same thing! Great minds think alike :). Glad you like the jewelry as well.

    @ Bek: I know, I was surprised to see that. I wonder how many people actually use it…

    @ Kaitlyn: I did a bit of my own trail mix as well- it turned out really well. I am a bit obsessed with yogurt covered raisins.

    @ all: Glad you liked the little ‘tour’ of WF.

  11. Amanda

    First off, WOW! Second, can I ask what neighborhood this (and the J.Crew on North) is in? We’ve talked about moving to Chicago for some time… my boyfriend is from the burbs and we both LOVE the city. I’d love to add the neighborhood to my list to investigate a bit further! I saw someone mentioned LP… but I geuss I just don’t know enough about it because I don’t remember a river running through that area? Looking forward to hearing from you… shoot me an email!

  12. Jess

    @ Amanda: Sure, I’m not actually sure what neighborhood this really is- it’s hard to say. It is west of Old Town before the bridge near Elston. Really, the area is more like a shopping district for big box stores like Old Navy, Best Buy, etc. Hope this helps!

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