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Today I’ve been hustling to make the changes to the With Intention workshops as fast as I can.

You see, I’m going in a new direction after this past weekend’s Boston workshop

I’m going big.

And by big, I mean small.

Over the past year I’ve hosted several of these workshops across the country and I’ve been learning a lot.

And though I had a certain idea about what the workshop content, size, and materials should include in the beginning, I have also been holding the events with open hands.

I’ve been doing my best to let these workshops evolve and to be of service in whatever way best serves the attendees.

Having seen the massive transformation that occurred in Boston this weekend, I now understand that limiting the size of the group to an intimate handful changes everything.

In an online world which seems to be scaling as much as possible, I want to make these events in-depth and personalized.

I believe that scaling has it’s place. And I may also create scalable products in the future. But in my workshops, I now realize the value is in the massive amount of individualized attention for each person in the group.



Which means going forward I’m now limiting my workshops to five people and one scholarship spot per workshop. 

At first I thought it seemed crazy. Flying all over the country (maybe the world?) just to work with 12 people over two days? I’d have to be crazy to do that. 

But that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Meanwhile I’m continuing to provide inspiring food, spaces, goodies, and experiences for these intimate workshops.

From the Boston workshop, I now have real, true connections with each participant. Friendships and collaborations were formed among the business owners who will continue to stay in touch (and may even start their own chapter of Biz in the City).

Plus, I’m going to take the Business with Intention workshop a step further. I’m now adding a follow-up hour long consult session to the business workshop.

This way the business owners I work with will have me on speed dial as they implement the changes we discuss during the workshop itself.



As you can imagine, limiting the workshops to this small of a size requires a price shift, but I’ve made sure that the early bird and combo discounts continue. I’m also offering payment plans for those who are interested in smaller chunks at a time.

I deeply believe that the life- and business-changing experiences from Boston are reflected in these values.




Interested in hearing from the workshoppers themselves? Here’s what each and every person had to say.


Elizabeth Crane Swartz, Seagrass Studio 

Business and Life with Intention Workshops

I came to both intention workshops seeking ideas, how to’s and help both with my business and my life. Jess has a remarkable talent for helping you re-discover all that is good and unique about you and your business and within minutes I knew I’d come to the right person. It was so refreshing to have someone just get me. Do you know how good that feels?

Jess was able to help me sort through the crap to believe in my talents, admit what work needs to be delegated and identify where to spend my time and energy. No more wondering, researching, modifying someone else’s game plan.

Because Jess limits the workshops to a small and intimate group we were able to work collaboratively and problem solve as a group. Honestly, the wealth of experience and compassion Jess brings to her blog is even better in person and amplified by each participant in the workshops.

Thanks to Jess, I have the focus, purpose and direction I’ve been craving and it’s all perfectly specific to me, my life and my business.

(See Elizabeth’s full recap here.)



Jackie M, Believe Notes

Business and Life with Intention Workshops

The Business and Life With Intention Workshops helped me in ways I never truly dared to imagine were possible.

Having such an intimate group made it feel as if we were all there with the sole purpose of helping one another look at our own businesses through new eyes with clearer purpose and intention. Jess was a vital part of the group – leading our discussions, offering insights, and strategically helping us to move beyond our own preconceived limitations.

I left the workshop feeling inspired and motivated and made several immediate steps to move my business in the direction I wanted it to go. With my new purpose and intention, I was able to accomplish more for my business in the one day after the workshop than I had accomplished for my business in 2 years!



Ashley Howard Goltz, The Design Stylist

Business with Intention Workshop

As a small marketing and design studio, I love creating unique brands for my clients.  Focusing so much energy on my clients made me realize I had lost some of the passion I once had for own company.  I knew I needed the help of a like-minded visionary who understood the business aspect as well as the creative.

The workshop changed my entire perspective.

Jess helped me to figure out why I wasn’t in love with my business anymore, and gave me a new voice for myself and the future of my business. Her insight and ability to help me find a niche position in a crowded market of talented and creative designers and marketing professionals is priceless. The small group dynamic and intuition from the other workshop participants was invigorating and I cannot wait to turn the action plan developed in the workshop into my own reality.



Sheerley Z.

Life with Intention Workshop

Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU. The workshop was exactly what I needed. It was like a massive exfoliation all on its own. Being away from my own life, and being surrounded by you and the wonderful participants and just hearing what my life sounded like to people who weren’t a part of it was really liberating. Being in that beautiful and welcoming environment, I could easily see what needed to be exfoliated from my life (thought patterns, feelings, stuff, etc.). It even gave me the opportunity to forget to have negative or typical thought patterns that I might otherwise have had about the topics we discussed!

I feel like I have found the tools I need to move forward in my life, that you showed me I had all along. I honestly couldn’t have seen that without you. The workshop was billed as a retreat, and that’s exactly how it felt. A chance to step outside “normal” life and look at it objectively. You’ve created something really special here, and I can’t wait to see where this takes you!



Patrick M.

Life with Intention Workshop 

Walking into the with-intention workshop, I was warmly welcomed to “the land of femme.” And it’s true; the work space was beautifully decorated with a woman in mind.

But, gents, with-intention workshops are universal in content. Man or woman, this is your life. The workshop helped me create new work patterns, build new relationships, break routines, and build a vision for myself, my work, and my life. I left with the tools and feedback that will help put intentions into my everyday. In the workshop I created an action plan that allows for growth and a range of success. The network created ensures that the support remains even after our workshop was concluded.

So work with Jess, learn from a meaningful discussion, enjoy great food, and, best of all, leave with personalized intentions, an action plan, and a network of continuing feedback and support. In other words, girlfriends get your guyfriends and tell them about with-intention.com.



Ashlee Thurlow, Ashlee Thurlow

Business with Intention Workshop

The Business With Intention workshop gave me such clarity about my business and the ‘why’ behind it.  Instead of being overwhelmed like I have been the last few months, I now feel like I have a clear list of ideas and tasks to grow my business and run it, instead of having it run my life. THAT is an awesome feeling!



Allison Whittemore, Halcyon Style

Boston Workshop Assistant

When Jess posted a few weeks back about needing an assistant for the Boston workshops I jumped at the opportunity and amazingly was selected! I was prepared for the role of assistant to entail a lot of setting up, mealtime preparation, clean up and general behind the scenes tasks.

Her amazing assistant, Jen, and I corresponded initially about venue locales, Boston foodies and other general questions about the area.  Then, a few days before the workshops Jen emailed asking about whether I’d be willing to pick up flowers Saturday morning to create our own arrangements.  I also took a chance and threw some leftover paper table runner in Jess’ favorite white and gold into my bag.

Arriving Saturday morning and seeing my armful of supplies, I was humbled and honored that Jess deferred most of the workspace styling to my judgment. I was also amazed and blessed to be invited to participate in a majority of group discussions, so long as I kept up with the behind the scenes duties I mentioned above. And really, could anything be better than meeting and spending the weekend learning from the genuine, intuitive and charming Jess Lively?

(See Allison’s full recap here.)



Sophie S, Just Live Into It

Boston Workshop Foodie

I had the opportunity to be the Foodie for the Boston With Intention workshops – and what an opportunity it was! I’m an home cook but Jess took a chance on me and I’d been given a platform to turn my hobby into something more.

Over the next two weeks I emailed back and forth with Jen nailing down all the details. I was given complete creative control over the menu, and it was nice to feel like Jen and Jess had such confidence in me. When I arrived Saturday morning and met Jess, I was blown away by her energy (and she hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet!)

Jess is truly a pleasure to work with – her positivity is contagious. You can’t help but feel inspired when you’re around her. Throughout the weekend, it was so great getting to see Jess in action. She was professional and encouraging, and challenged everyone there – whether they were a workshop participant or not – to think outside of the box. I left the workshop on Sunday night with a renewed sense of confidence in my cooking skills, new friends, and a list of intentions for my future. I am so grateful that Jess gave me such an incredible opportunity!

(See Sophie’s full recap here.)


I’m so grateful for the wonderful workshops I’ve had in the past year and I cannot wait to see how this new format grows and evolves in the future.

Please also know I have not decided how many new locations will be added to 2013 yet. Right now I imagine there will be 2-4 other locations after the Austin workshop in June.

But I also do not plan to trace back to past cities (as much as possible and excluding Chicago, my hometown). So if you see your city listed, please come then instead of waiting until the next time around, since there may not be another.

I hope you join me in San Fran or Austin! It’s going to be awesome.

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  1. Sounds great – I feel as though you are really going in the right direction. I believe one-on-one time and more intimate discussions are so much more helpful – especially when you want to actively listen and administer advice and guidance to clients! Excited to see where this takes you!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks, Lauren! I feel that way too.

  2. having you on speed dial would be a dream come true and I love reading what everyone else took away from our weekend. thank you, Jess.

    1. Jess Lively

      Aw, you are so, so welcome! PS – My suggested purpose statement for you: “Invest in yourself.”

  3. Caitlin Brown

    love this, jess! so excited for you 🙂

  4. Jess Lively

    Nice! We went to DC last year so we may not make it back there, but perhaps some other east coast location. : )

  5. Thanks for the recap – i’m so sorry i had to miss the workshop, it sounds like it was a great group and everyone really benefited in many ways.

    The bright side is i’ve had a single one on one session with Jess, and in that single session, she helped me realize what direction i really want to take my business. Brilliant! Refocusing my work, brings a smile to my face, and makes me want to tackle my day with enthusiasm. I’m truly looking forward to working with her more to refine the details. A pleasure to work with, inspirational and insightful. Thanks!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thank you so much, hun! I’ll talk with you later today!

  6. Hi Jess! I’m a coach in the NYC area who has long preferred working with intimate groups. I had been planning events that were larger but was feeling that greater impact could be had by reducing attendee sizes. And I always offer a follow-up session to help implement what was discussed in the event. Everyone thought I was crazy from a cost/profit perspective. Reading this assures me that I’m not. And I love that you are speaking faith over yourself by speaking into being that you’ll be flying all over the world (please remove the question mark because I’m sure you will)!!

    This is my first time on your site in over a year or more and I’m glad I came. I’ll be sure to check back from time to time. Praying the best for you and your endeavors. I know you are helping people in ways beyond what you can imagine! Have a great day!!

  7. everyone needs to give themselves the gift of one of your workshops!
    re-vamping my site – the new me will launch in june….

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