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Over the last week Mr. Lively and I have gotten into some not-so-great habits.

When Franklin is acting up, which is pretty often at this point, we have started to refer to him as the Little Jerk (and other non-wonderful names) amongst ourselves and our friends. I also joked a few times about how he’s not the same pup that we first met.

And we’ve quickly realized this is not a worthwhile habit to cultivate or continue. Yes, he’s not very well behaved much¬†some of the time. But he’s not terrible or far worse than normal puppy behavior.

We need to start speaking good things about his future as a more mature dog, rather than dwell on his current misbehavior and label him based on things we don’t love about him. Though it feels kinda funny in the moment, it’s not helping us to be better parents to him or interact with him in the best way possible.

I have a feeling these little nicknames are helping us lose our patience quicker and tainting how we see him as a whole. We need to stop calling him complaining nicknames and accept that he has a long way to go, but will become a great little guy in time.

We have joked that we love him, but don’t always like him. Now it’s time to start refer to him more lovingly, even when he’s not very likable.

The same goes for other aspects of life as well.

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  1. Steph

    I can totally relate to your puppy posts. My husband and I got our first puppy over labor day weekend. He is a total joy and terror all at the same time. But 10 weeks later he is already so much better. Enjoy your cute little guy.

  2. Kate

    Well then I’m an awful parent. I often call my dogs ‘Monsters’ in an affectionate, loving tone, because they totally can be. They learned to counter surf (be blessed – your dog will likely never learn to jump on counters….and it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to cure) and I have come home to 13×9 glass pans shattered on the ground, complete with dog blood on the floor. To be fair, they earned the word ‘monster’.

    They also have several other nicknames, like “Bubba” and “Monkey”. I actually call Rusty by Bubba more than I call him Rusty. I don’t know if the name makes the dog or the dog makes the name, but you’re human just like the rest of us. ūüôā

  3. Jess

    Kate, I think Monster is a pretty cute term! Unfortunately we have definitely used less cute/endearing terms for him… those are the ones we are trying to stop with.

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