the private victory mastermind group


Due to the success of the With Intention Morning Club, I am so excited to launch The Private Victory Mastermind Group!

This mastermind group will take place in a private Facebook group. It will be an intimate experience for 21 intention-minded people committed to doing a daily Private Victory for 21 days, beginning September 1st, for $21 (a dollar a day).

The Private Victory concept comes from habit seven of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and involves (ideally) one hour devoted to mind, body, and spirit. As I have mentioned before (here and here), this habit has been the most transformative habit in my life and for Mr. Lively as well.

Now, I’d like to help other people to cultivate this awesome habit in their own lives for three solid weeks.


The Guidelines



I will be helping this mastermind group kick-start this powerful habit in their own lives this September 1st-21st. We will all be accountable to one another to complete the habit each day and we will check in with one another for support, encouragement, and new Private Victory ideas on a daily basis.

Members are encouraged to do whatever they like during their private victory time, the emphasis is on consistently implementing this habit everyday.


Mastermind Group Membership Includes


Welcome Packet

A welcome packet filled with activity ideas, book suggestions, and a calendar to track your progress.

Daily Check-Ins

Daily group check-ins September 1st-21st to build accountability.

A Supportive, Small-group Environment

The group will be filled with 21 supportive friends that can help with any potential challenges along the way.


How to Join


To become a member, please enroll by clicking the button below. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email within one business day with more information and access to the Mastermind Group Facebook page.


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  1. Bethan

    It’s my birthday today and I spent this morning’s PV putting the finishing touches to celebration cakes to share with my colleagues and writing a list of goals for the coming year “31 Things before 32” Number 7: Daily Personal Victory; Number 26: Invest in myself not in my possessions. Signed up immediately – this was meant to be!

    1. Love that! I am happy to hear that two things are happening already. Happy birthday, Bethan!

  2. Missy Graves

    Just signed up! This is perfect. I definitely need the accountability, and I think I will appreciate the small group atmosphere.

  3. Ffion

    This looks like a good way to help me form a creative habit in September, just as I wanted to! Just sent the payment 🙂 *excited*

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