the purpose equation

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Over and over I’m finding myself getting feisty about the confusion and stress surrounding the idea of purpose.

Really, it can all be boiled down to this equation.


Your talents and how you help people can change through the years.

But the outcome will always be the same.


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  1. Molly

    This simple equation is just what I needed to read today. Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement. It is definitely giving me something to chew on.

  2. Silvia

    This is just what I needed today. I have decided to start my own interior styling business and really didn’t know where to begin… help people by using my talents… genius!
    Thank You for this simple and inspiring message.


  3. it seems so simple. but if you’re searching and stuck and lost, nothing could be harder. i agree with molly’s comment–definitely something to chew on. thanks for just being you and just being out there. it’s encouraging!

  4. I love how social media works! I randomly happened upon this article today and it’s perfectly relevant. This simple equation sustains the dedication and discipline required to make a difference long-term. Thanks!

  5. Martha Stodghill

    A wonderful motto to keep me going forward with the start of my business!

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