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Thank you so much for the amazing feedback from the initial launch of Quincy and Belmont! I am thrilled to hear how many of you love the styles and colors we designed. And from the initial sales, it’s clear that gold and fuchsia is a big winner (not that we are surprised).

It’s also funny to hear how many people have been on the fence about buying an iPad. I know that my own decision to buy one was driven in large part by the case I’d be using. Which as you know, became the catalyst for designing one for Jess LC that had all the bells and whistles that I wanted – protection, leather, brass zipper, pockets, and gorgeous lining. And though it may not be the best buy for everyone, I have loved having mine and use it daily. I use mine to sketch ideas with my stylus, take notes, read The New York Times, do short yoga videos in the morning, play Words with Friends, and it makes one heck of a blog reader. So while I definitely don’t recommend buying one if the finances aren’t right, I do think it is worth the money for me personally.

Now, on to the lookbooks. I honestly don’t even want to share them until I give proper credit where credit is due, so without further ado,

Danielle Moss – Photographer

Blog – Breakfast at Toast
Site – Danielle Moss
Twitter –@DanielleMoss_

Danielle shot all of the incredible photos for the Belmont and Quincy lookbooks and I couldn’t be more blown away. She captured the essence of what we were doing in the blink of an eye, works extremely hard, and is so reliable. I cannot recommend her enough for people in need of a photographer.

It was a pleasure having her as a photographer for Jess LC and I feel honored to have her as a friend as well. Her hard work with her blog, photography, and booming blog design business make her a great person to follow online as well.

Alaina Kaczmarski – Stylist and Model

Blog – Live Creating Yourself
Site – LYC Graphics, LYC Shop
Twitter – @AlainaKaz

When I first started thinking about these lookbooks I knew that the products lent themselves to a variety of shots and, unlike jewelry, could be shot in vignettes as well as on models. Which is tricky for me. And I knew that having Alaina on board to style the shoot was going to make everything look 100% better.

I was right.

Alaina has an eye for style of all kinds, fashion, product, home, you name it. And since we were dealing with those types of locations for Quincy and Belmont, I wanted her to take the lead when it came to laying out the shots and getting everything placed just right. Heck, she even styled the images above (I saw how well she put them together for her post and begged her to let me use her “styled” photo layout as well). What was even cooler was being able to actually have her model in the shoot as well. As a friend of Alaina, I knew her beauty and amazing laugh would shine in the lookbook. (And I was right again.)

Liz Schnider – Model

Blog – Sequins & Stripes

Twitter – @LizSchneider01

Liz, I am happy to say, is a new friend. I met her via Alaina’s blog design for her awesome style blog, Sequins & Stripes. I started to follow immediately and was hooked to her editorial perspective. I am not personally the best when it comes to clothing and outfits, but this girl knows how to make a freaking adorable outfit. So I started to literally study how she does it. And then it occurred to me to have her model along with Alaina to keep the lookbooks varied and interactive.

I have to say, I pat myself on the back for that decision, because Liz rocked it out of the park with her adorable giggles, smile, and fun attitude. She seems made for this stuff. And I’m excited to see where her fantastic blog takes her from here.

(And again, I’m thrilled to have her as a friend now, too.)


To view the lookbooks in their full size, expand the images below.


Thank you Refinery29!

I’d also like to thank Refinery29 Chicago for featuring the iPad cases this afternoon. I love their headline, “New iPad Cases You Won’t Be Embarrassed To Carry.”

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  1. Anja

    congrats once again. You all have outdone yourselves! The lookbook is amazing and Danielle has some mad skills at catching beautiful moments!

  2. Jess

    Thanks ladies!! And I totally agree about Danielle’s talent!

  3. I love these scarves and am marveling at how you had silk scarves made with your logos on them.. I know you can’t give away trade secrets, but that seems like a complicated endeavor… how did you do it??


  4. Jess

    Hi Leah, I’m happy to hear you love our scarves! Our scarves are made by our private contractors with care and silk screening. : )

    Have a great day,

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