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As promised, I wanted to share a bit about what we did in Seattle. Thanks to all of the awesome recommendations we received on the post last week, we  referred to all of the awesome recommendations in the comment section in order to choose where we ate and what we did.

Though we won’t be living in Seattle anytime soon, I am so grateful that we got to explore so many awesome places in the city.

Here are some highlights we enjoyed along with thanks to the readers who helped us get there.


 Things We Loved in Seattle


Ate at the 5 Spot. (Suggested by Ashley)

Visited Pike’s Place Market. (Suggested by Ashley, Nicole, Jillian, and Annie)

Ate at Serious Pie. (Suggested by Ashley)

Shopped at Watson Kennedy. (Suggested by Annie)

Ate at The Pink Door. (Suggested by Jen)

Experienced Snoqualmie Falls. (Suggested by Jen and Nicole)

Explored (and fell in love with) Ballard. (Suggested by Rita and Nicole)

Ate at Top Pot. (Suggested by almost everyone)

Attempted to eat at Delancey and Big Fat Hen, but they were closed when we went. (Suggested by Whitney)


Though I am still a bit sad that we aren’t going to be living in Seattle anytime soon, I am thankful that I get to keep enjoying my favorite foodie spots here in Chicago.

And regarding my favorite spots in Chicago, I have my own suggestion. Check out The Southport Grocer’s new menu, especially their Grape Float. It is amazing.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend! 

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  1. Maggie Stephens

    Aww I used to live about 2 blocks from the 5 Spot and catch the bus across the street. Glad you enjoyed my home city (I must have totally missed your request for rec’s post!). You’re making me homesick!

  2. Erin Reece

    I’m so glad you had fun in what I call “Other Home”! I lived in Seattle for 8 years and finally moved back to my hometown (Pittsburgh) 3 years ago. I miss Seattle a little, but I wanted to tell you this since you are disappointed about not moving there: The Seattle Freeze. (Urban dictionary has all the definitions.) It is brutally difficult to make friends there. I’m from a city with high levels of friendliness and connection and that first year in Seattle nearly killed me with the loneliness! Of course I eventually made some of the best friends I’ve ever had (lifelong friends, no less), but they were also transplants to the area.

    It really is a lovely city, though, and there were so very many things I appreciated about it. If you ever wind up moving there, look for the other transplants! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the info on that, Erin! I had heard about that before we went, so I had an idea that might be the case. It is almost surprising, though, how accurate you actually found it to really be (it was hard to tell if it was an exaggeration or not).

      I have also heard there is a large transplant population, like you mentioned. It’s good to know that if we ever end up there, that’s an avenue to finding new friends. : )

  3. leenB

    My husband and I moved to Seattle in January and it very slowly started to feel like home. I’d never heard of the Seattle freeze but we definitely noticed the lack of opportunities for new connections. Luckily my best and oldest friend had moved there with her husband so we had a place to start.

    We are traveling until January and are unsure of where jobs will take us when we get back, but it would be nice to get back to Seattle at some point. If we do, I’ll be sure to try out the recommendations you got from people for what to do in the city…. How crazy is it that the only thing I’d done on your list is the market?! I’ve got some work to do!

    Sorry to hear about the disappointment with not moving, but you’re right. We’re capable of having everything we want right where we are!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Seattle, LeenB. : )

      I hope you do get to try some of those places on the list if/when you go back to Seattle again. I felt crazy lucky to have so many curated suggestions to try while we were there. : )

      Happy travels!

  4. Kim Campbell

    I was just in Seattle to bookend an Alaskan cruise, but I loved the market and my Dad certainly loved all the Starbucks! I wish I had known about all these cool places to eat!

    1. Alaskan cruise? So cool! If you ever go back to Seattle, be sure to try Serious Pie. That one is not to be missed.

  5. So glad you had a wonderful time, I’ve circulated this list of locations to my travel buddies for next years trip!

    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. For sure! It has changed quite a bit over the years, but SG remains awesome and their new dishes are incredible.

    1. Thanks, Dervla. It is such a beautiful place, I hope you get to go – and if you do, be sure to check out some of these places people recommended, they are great.

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