the wedding comes to a close


Over the weekend our extended families came into town to celebrate our marriage and elopement over Thanksgiving, a cocktail party on Friday, and a dinner on Saturday.

Though I never expected to have such an unusual wedding celebration three months after the ceremony, the weekend could not have been more perfect ending to our wedding story.

We loved welcoming our families into our new home and introducing them to our new little pup, Franklin. We loved getting to see them all throughout a long weekend of fun and food (and wine).

I can now totally understand why some brides feel a sense of let-down after their big days. The amount of love poured onto us was overwhelming in the best way possible.

And of course the weekend was not without it’s own share of personal pressure. I was downright frantic leading up to the festivities getting the home finished(!!), the food prepared/purchased, and managing the puppy at the same time.

Thankfully, I didn’t implode from my self-inflicted perfectionism with the help of Mr. Lively’s teamwork (as well as his sense of humor), my incredible brother Mike (who stayed with us and watched Franklin and helped in every aspect of the weekend), and family support. Lots of family support.

As everyone began departing yesterday, I felt a tidal wave of bliss and joyful gratitude. I will remember the feeling long after the logistical details of the celebrations fade away.

And though I am sad to see the weekend pass, I am also so thankful we get to spend future times with our families. There will be other events to celebrate and times to share.

But do you want to know the best part? Now that we are moving past our lovely elopement, we get to spend our time focusing on our life as a family.


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  1. Christina

    I loved reading about your elopement and then having a family over the Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate. That sounds just about perfect to me. If/when I get married, that’s how I’d like to do it – a intimate ceremony just between the two of us, and later a celebration to include those closest to us.

  2. I’m so happy for you and Mr. Lively. It’s been an honor to follow along as you went from a single business dynamo to a married business dynamo! 😉

  3. Scott Lively

    Hey Christina, I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it all. It was definitely a journey and I would encourage anybody that’s up for it. I would highly recommend talking with your family first, because as much I loved what we did, there’s no way it would have been a success if we didn’t have every member of our extended families supporting us and excited to come to thanksgiving. It made the entire experience special beyond words. I even had one person come to me and tell us how special it was and how much she would have loved to elope to Paris, but she’s scared her daughter might do it!

  4. Christina

    Thanks for the reply, Scott! I will certainly keep your advice in mind when the time comes.

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