the window treatment trick… that i didn’t invent

While Mr. Lively and I worked on the living room curtains I thought that I came up with a killer trick to share with you all. I really believed in a random stroke of genius, I had come up with something new and fresh to offer the design world.

But recently on a trip to Kim’s blog to find her tutorial on how to make your own pipe curtain rods for our bedroom, I discovered she and others had already beat me to the punch.

Though I know that the trick has already circulated the web, I still think it is worth sharing for others who might want to “luxe up” their curtains with inexpensive clip rings.

All you need to do is clip the fabric from a few inches down at the base of the hem rather than clipping right from the top.

This mimics much more expensive drapery techniques, costs very little, and takes almost no time at all.

For our curtains in this room we doubled up the panels (they are from West Elm, but I couldn’t find them on the site) on each side of the sliding doors and used 16 rings on each rod for a fuller look.

I hope this helps all those out there, like me, who didn’t already know about this little design trick!


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  1. The trick to me is that you didn’t get a curtain rod that goes all the way across the doors! I’ve never thought of that before!

  2. Bre

    LOVE THIS! And feeling so silly for not having thought of this myself!

  3. Maggie

    Did you paint the rods? If so, what did you use?

  4. Hanah

    Do you have a panel on the other side and also do the panels touch or just glaze the floors?

  5. Jess

    Hi Hanah,

    I have the rods on each side of the window/sliding doors. There are two curtain panels on each rod to make them look fuller. And they puddle about 3 inches on the floor, which I like. : )

    Have a great day,

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