the writing room takes shape


Over the past few weeks I’ve been transitioning my guest room to a writing room.

I am devoting this new special place to important and longterm projects. I initially tried to maintain my focus while sitting at my desk in the living room, but I  found it hard to execute longterm projects there. An unproductive inbox habit has taken root in the living room and it steals my focus and attention on high-level work.

So far, I’ve been careful during this transition to avoid checking my inbox in the writing room. Being vigilant about the “no email in the writing room policy,” is helping me to avoid forming a habit trigger that would otherwise steal my productivity in this space as well.

However, I’d like to put all of that intentional productivity aside. Right now I’d like to get to the fun stuff: the freshly dressed side tables.

Because I’m still keeping the guest room bed and furniture, the changes that I have made in this room are largely in the details. I’ve been incorporating items that inspire me and make me ridiculously happy to work in the space.

Enter my new love: Ophelia, Goddess of Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.


She is a lovely and quirky print by Kari Herer. By the way, I am in love with all of Kari’s work (and hope to one day own this and this). I totally suggest checking out her shop.

I also have a little white vintage vase for pens, and a notebook for new ideas.

On the other side of the “writing bed,” I have an original watercolor of Franklin, created by Joy Laforme for her Pet Project series.


Mr. (Ben) Franklin is looking so dapper in his new frame.

Here’s a peek at the new vignettes in context to the bed and the Caitlin Wilson pillow that inspired this room makeover in the first place.


And here’s Ophelia again.


This space has come a long way from where it was just a few months ago.


Before I started to make these changes, I had a nagging thought that the room – filled with mismatched items from apartments past – was “good enough.” Meanwhile, the disconnected decor quietly irked me. I resented spending time in the room.


Now that I see these simple changes in place, I’m so happy I went ahead and didn’t let “good enough” get in the way of “amazing and perfectly me!”

Being in this room is now the happiest time during my workday.


PS – It’s pretty cool to see how this new look matches the blog so well! A true sign of personal branding, huh? I kinda feel like I’m working in my blog.

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  1. Allison Whittemore

    I love Kari’s work – I have a couple of her fox prints in my bedroom. Guess I’ll have to name them too 🙂

  2. The printed pillow is from Caitlin Wilson (you can find the link to it specifically in the post). : )

  3. It’s coming together beautifully. I love the idea that you are living/working in a room that is a physical manifestation of your blog.

    1. Exactly! I always was more aware of that aspect with Jess LC, my accessory company, but I am finding that it is powerful for a service-based business as well. I just love being there!

  4. Sara

    Love love love this room! Especially the Caitlin Wilson pillow!

  5. For sure! I think it is really helpful. At first I thought I’d need to go to a coffee shop or somewhere outside my home to get ‘real’ focused work done. Now, I realize I just needed a separate space for short-term work vs. long-term work.

  6. It’s perfection! It looks bright & airy, full of character and colour and I’m you’ll be inspired to write and spend more time in this room.

    Love the Caitlin Wilson pillow – gimme!

    1. I totally agree! And yes, the pillow is divine. I totally recommend it if you have a place for it in your space.

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