Who It's For

The LivINg Room is the place to relax, deepen connection with the inner voice and let go of the mind, while connecting to like-minded people around the world.

The LivINg Room is a freely offered group of drop-in classes and extended courses funded through the Lively Community Foundation. To join any and all of our offerings is free for the public. Our only request is that you show up in a kind and engaged manner in the class you sign up for.

The LivINg Room Calendar

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Are You an Inner Voice Facilitator?

We’d love to work with you! The LivINg Room is hiring certified IVFT graduates for the following class styles: 

  1. The Drop-In ~ For those who enjoy teaching a more structured, one-off class on a particular subject. Facilitators are paid $111 per class.


  2. An Inner Voice Course ~ The course option consists of weekly sessions (a total of 4) and are a way for you to create real transformation for participants by going deep into inner voice facilitation in a group setting, over a longer period. As long as the core theme is inner voice-related and fits within the overall theme of the month, feel free to get as creative as you like here! Facilitators are paid $88 per course class.


  3. Conversation Starter ~ The structure of these classes is less ‘formal’ than the other two options. Imagine having a casual conversation in your living room with friends and this is exactly what we envisage! You’ll start with the overarching theme of the month to begin the class but within the hour you can let people’s inner voices guide the session. Facilitators are paid $88 per course class.


    If it has been six months since your IVFT certification and you have a submission for a session or course, please apply via the form below. Fill out one form per idea.

Meet Lucy, LivINg Room Coordinator

Our LivINg Room Coordinator, IVFT Squad Leader and holistic wellness advocate Lucy Medrow has been helping the Lively community and beyond use their inner voice to define what wellness means to you and living from that space.

Lucy’s inner voice had been nudging for her to create a place for people to embody the inner voice work in a cozy, group setting and The LivINg Room is what unfolded. Lucy will be your main point of contact for all questions class-related. She’ll see you inside The LivINg Room!