THINK ABOUT IT: the regret sack

tairegretsackWelcome to the first official installment of THINK ABOUT IT! I have had this post idea written down for weeks (maybe even months) and I think it is the perfect compliment to a fresh new year.

The Regret Sack

As Erwin and I were watching tv one Sunday morning, we heard Joel Osteen speak about an old folk tale. In the story (as I recall), there was an old man who had a sack on his back with a hole in it, and a sack on his chest without a hole. When he made mistakes, failed, or had regrets, he put them in the leaky sack on his back. And all of his accomplishments and positive thoughts went on the sack in the front.

As he walked, he could see all of the blessings he had in his life placed in the front sack. Meanwhile all of the negative memories fell out through the hole in the bag on his back. So not only was his load lighter as the regrets spilled to the ground behind him, but he was propelled forward with the momentum and weight of the good things in his life.

I think this is a great analogy to have for 2010 as we let go of what may not have gone well in 2009 and carry with us the lessons we’ve learned. What dissapointments have you been holding onto in your life that deserve to be put in a leaky bag?

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  1. Jill

    I love this new series! This is such a great visual picture. Its definitely a year to think about the positive!

  2. What a fabulous analogy–and so opposite how I think some days… Thank you for the great reminder and lovely way to refocus for the new year!

  3. April

    I really like this story. I’ve got many disappoints I hold on to, while I don’t focus enough on the confident, good things in my life. Thanks for posting this!!!

  4. This is very powerful. I’m currently focusing more on truly demonstrating to people how much I value them and not letting past events stop me from reaching out. It’s so easy to regret the deterioration of a relationship but not actually do anything to pave the way forward. I have some family relationships, specifically, that are not as strong as in my youth, and rather than regret the change, I’m more actively reaching out.

    I’d like to put the lost time in my regret sack. I can’t get it back, but I can cherish the moments I spend with certain family members now.

  5. Oh, and I’m trying to ask more questions. Are you comfortable sharing something that you’re letting go in 2010 or other lessons learned?

  6. This story is so empowering. I love how it really makes you visualize (get a mental picture of) how focusing on the positive (accomplishments, blessings, lessons learned) can move you forward and focusing on the negative (our regrets) can hold you back. Holding on to the things in the sack without the hole, the one on in front close to our heart is a great way to build confidence, optimism and momentum. Thanks for posting!

  7. Wow, this is so ironic because I just finished writing a post (going up tomorrow) for my new installment – Think About It Thursday! Strange!

    Anyway – What a great way to think about letting go of regrets. I tend to do this far too much and I think it really does weigh me down and it keeps me from seeing the vast amounts of good in my life. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  8. Nem

    That’s very thought provoking. I think I’m going to enjoy this new series of yours! ūüôā

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