THINK ABOUT IT: unwillingess

Today’s THINK ABOUT IT struck me in a passage I read this morning in A Course in Miracles.

Unwillingness can be most carefully concealed behind a cloak of situations you cannot control. Learn to distinguish situations that are poorly suited to your practicing from those that you establish to uphold a camouflage for your unwillingness.

A Course in Miracles, pg. 197

Where are we using our schedules as excuses?

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  1. lydia

    hmmm, this is apt for me today. I am unwilling to get stuck in and sort out my stuff at work properly, and find myself continually ranting in my head about how it is my boss’ fault and how I can’t be expected to do this all by myself, and I’m ill and and and – a ‘cloak of situations I can’t control’ indeed… To be fair, there are some things I can’t control but less than I am acknowledging…

    The thing with unwillingness is that to turn it round to willing to sort out what you CAN control, you have to kind of want to. And if you’re in that unwilling frame of mind to start with it’s difficult to lift yourself above the stompy ‘but I don’t want to!’ attitude…

    I guess just recognising where it’s your unwilling and where it’s outside your control is a good first step.

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