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This week has been filled with Jess LC, BwI Workshop, Biz in the City, and… finding our new home!

Due to a string of extremely fortunate (though unlikely) events, we have landed on what seems to be our perfect new apartment home. In order to have this wonderful unit, we are going to have to wait until it is completed in September/October. Which means we’ll be sticking out my lease in my current building. This also delays our next addition… a puppy, until the fall as well.

Because of this wait, patience is going to be a theme for me throughout this summer. I might need to have my own Be Present reminder staring me in the face to chill out.

Over the weekend I plan to do more work for next week’s Chicago workshop and relax like crazy on Sunday. To be honest, with all the hustling I do during the week, I’ve been finding that I need one day to pretty much do absolutely nothing in order to recover.

I’m talking like eight hours of Arrested Development lazy.

Thanks so much for reading MML and have a great weekend!

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  1. Melissa

    I bet your new place will be A-MAZ-ING. Sounds like it’s new too… coming from an owner of an 101-year-old condo, that’s nice!

  2. Alyssa

    Congrats on finding the new place! Are you staying in Lakeview or moving elsewhere in the city? The upside of having to wait a couple months to move is that you’ll have plenty of time to plan your decor. We just found a new apartment in Lincoln Square and are moving next month, and the interior designer in me has gone into overdrive! Hope you get a chance to fully relax this weekend!

  3. dan huang

    I like the maxi skirt or dress on you on the second picture first row. Where did you get that?


  4. Jess

    Thanks so much everyone!

    Dan Huang, I got the skirt at LOFT! : )

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