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This week I’m thankful for so much! After a very fun shopping trip with Cathy last Friday and the celebrations on the Fourth, it’s been a whirlwind of fireworks, swimming in Lake Michigan, and heat. I’ve never been more thankful for air conditioning in my life (though it sometimes doesn’t work that much, the little that it does, I very much appreciate).

I also received an exciting piece of mail: The new Chicago Luxe Magazine with a little feature about myself and my favorite things and Chicago destinations.

At first I didn’t really think that the water color, though adorable, really looked like me. I’m not usually that pulled together and I don’t have killer heels like that.

But then I realized that the very next day after getting the magazine, I wore this:

Coincident? I’m honestly not sure. It wasn’t planned at all, so at most it was subconscious. But either way, I’ll take it.

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading MML this week! Stay cool!


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  1. oh hey i recognize that bottom left pic 😉 i adore that little illustration of you too – and the outfit you put together the next day!! thank you again for all your help & patience

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