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This week I’m thankful for being a part of my dear friend, Catherine’s wedding. It was a whirlwind weekend in Michigan and now Mr. Lively and I are off to Ohio to spend time with my Grandpa and extended family whom Mr. Lively has not met yet.

The past week has also been full of decorating adventures for the new apartment. Though we won’t be moving until October it seems, I’m still starting to get a vision for the space in my head. We’ve even scored a few items for the new place in the images above. The awesome brass trunk (which is cedar lined) came from the White Elephant thrift store for just $35. I know. We got insanely lucky.

We also snagged a little basket (which almost cost as much as the trunk) for our future puppy’s toys. And we did a little scouting at West Elm and picked our future couch as well (we’ll be selling our big sectional closer to October).

I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead too. Have a great time and thank you for reading MML!

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  1. rita

    that trunk is amazing! congratulations on such a great find! also, love that quote/print! need to remember that! have a great weekend!

  2. 17 Perth

    You got that chest for $35!!! Wow! Congrats!! That is awesome! Love it.

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