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Like Franklin above, I’m a tired puppy. This week has been filled with late work nights since Sunday with the launch of With Intention, Business in the City, and getting a huge Macy’s order out the door (yes, still have one more mega Macy’s order to go before Jess LC is officially laid to rest).

I think the long hours have been taking a toll on the whole family. Mr. Lively, my resident web programmer, coded the With Intention site and has been working late with me. And now we are both under the weather. And even the little pup has a cold of his own. He sneezes about 146 times a day.

So we will all be in rest and recovery mode this weekend.

Oh, and then there is Christmas Day.

Tomorrow is my annual tradition of “Christmas Day” for Mr. Lively. It began when we were dating and not going to be together on  December 25th. I had a few surprises for him and he was admittedly not the over-eager Christmas holiday person that I was. So to pump him up about the holiday and celebrate with him before we went home to our families, I created a day for him. You could easily insert Mr. Lively Day for Christmas Day, really.

He loves it.

So tomorrow is the 2012 Christmas Day. It will be a bit more low-key this year than years past because we have a puppy to care for every few hours and we aren’t feeling so hot. But there will be merriment, good food, and a few surprises (I promised I wouldn’t write what they are here on the site because Mr. Lively said he couldn’t be trusted not to peek).

And in case you are wondering about what I get… don’t worry. I have Valentine’s Day. Which is usually a short trip somewhere warm in February to escape the Chicago winter blues.

[If you ask me, I get the better end of this holiday tradition.]

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading and supporting the With Intention launch!


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  1. Lauren Maxwell

    So cute. I got excited to see little Franklin. We also have a Christmas tradition, “Private Christmas” that began in the early days of dating. We’ve continued it, and I hope we always will- it’s so nice to celebrate together and be head over heels before adding the layers of family on the 25th.

    I love the idea of a husband day and might think about when to add one in. 🙂

    Lauren @ Flee to the Cleve

  2. Margaret

    Awww, I’m so sorry ya’ll aren’t feeling well. Poor puppy looks so comfy though! Have a great, extra special Christmas day for Mr. Lively and I hope you can get some rest 🙂

  3. Jen Serafini

    This is great! Nick and I will be spending Christmas Eve together for the FIRST time and I’m super excited! This would have been a great idea though for the past 4 years that we didn’t spend it together. Enjoy your Christmas Day, can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. What a nice tradition! Sorry you are both under the weather, but I hope you have a lovely time. Franklin is adorable, hope he’s getting better too! My puppy has been sick this week too. Take care and enjoy your Christmas Day !

  5. Lizzie Beadon

    My boyfriend and I celebrated our own “Christmas Day” yesterday because we won’t be together for it. It was so much fun! I love Christmas 🙂 it’s one of the best times of year. Enjoy it, & I hope your puppy gets better! He’s adorable!

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