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Good morning!

Today I write you from the Public Hotel. Last night Mr. Lively surprised me with a night at the hotel after our dinner at The Pump Room.

It was a very romantic gesture and I’m enjoying room service for the first time(!).

On top of the little Valentine’s Day retreat, I’m reveling in the fact that I finally feel caught up with work for the first time in five weeks. 

It feels great to finally get to head into a weekend without thinking about what’s left to be done. Batch scheduling, hiring an amazing assistant, and hustling has finally paid off. Going forward with these new systems in place I hope to maintain this momentum and manageable pace.

In other news, for those who are in the book club, I’ll be doing tea time from noon-12:30 CST today! I hope to see you there.

And last but not least, I have decided to make a quick trip to NYC following the Boston With Intention workshops in March. While I’m there I will have time to do one live one-on-one workshop in Manhattan on Tuesday, March 5th. Most one-on-one workshops take place in four sessions over the phone or Skype, but the live workshop is a five hour long intensive devoted to all aspects of your business. If you are interested in working with me that day, please email hello(at)


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!


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