throw out fifty things challenge: day one

fiftythings10Last Friday I searched online for a book I saw on a Today Show segment. While searching, I happened upon a book titled Throw Out 50 Things by Gail Blanke. My jaw dropped when I read the short segment summary. Blanke mentioned a Michelangelo quote, the same quote that sparked my makeunder philosophy and changed my life four years ago. Needless to say, I kept reading.

Blanke’s book is aimed at helping people open up their lives by getting rid of 50 things they no longer need, use, or want. And I have to say, coming off the Michelangelo quote, I was pretty intrigued. So I decided to give her idea a try. When I told Gertie and Natalie, two of my Jess LC girls, they both wondered whether I actually owned more than 50 things. I even wondered with all my exfoliating and making under whether I would be able to meet the goal. At first I assumed I would need Erwin to help me find objects in our storage unit to use for the challenge. But after just an hour and a half in the Jess LC studio alone, I found more than 50 things. In fact, I am looking around, and it is hard to tell I even got rid of anything.

So for the next five days I will reveal what I am passing on from my life. Some objects are getting pitched, some are getting donated, and others are being recycled. This was a surprisingly easy challenge, and I think I might actually do a second round in the next month or so. For those scoffing at the ‘easy’ part in that last sentence, I say it can’t hurt to try. It might be easier done than said.

My Fifty Things: 1-10

  1. Teacup – Don’t Use
  2. Freeze dried basil – Don’t Use
  3. Dried roses in a vase – Don’t Need
  4. Medicine Organizer – Don’t Need
  5. Craft ribbon and hole punch – Don’t Use
  6. Fuzzy bowtie – Don’t Use, Need, or Love
  7. Old batteries – Don’t Need
  8. Old cocoa mix – Don’t Use
  9. Plastic cutting board – Don’t Need
  10. Black slingbacks – Don’t Use

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  1. CB

    What is the Michelangelo quote?

    Good job on getting rid of things! It is such a great feeling! I did a lot of “exfoliating” over spring break. Do you remember the huge bulky stereo system the TV used to sit on at my parents’ house? Well, we had it in our apartment for the last two years, and we just donated it and bought a clean, new TV stand for $40 off Craig’s list. It was a great deal and looks SO much better! Should’ve taken a picture of it to send you! Next time…

  2. Jess

    @ CB: I do remember that TV and the navy leather couches! Good times. $40 is a great deal for a TV! What a steal. ūüôā

  3. Eva

    Love this! Read the “Short Segment Summary” and def agree with the Michaelangelo method. I think I heard it at church once. Anyways, glad to be included in your exfoliation journey!

  4. Jac

    Wow! What a fantastic idea – I love the idea of this – I guess it helps you to get rid of the things that are no longer useful or beautiful to you. Such a simple idea but brilliant! Am now going to read the ‘short segment summary’. I love the fact that I’ve only been on this site for about ten minutes and am so inspired already!

  5. Jac

    Ok… so I’ve read the ‘short segment summary’ now and – wow! I am so doing this! Before the end of this month I will have thrown out my first 50 things! Yay! to makingunder!

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